UK Labour Party votes for motion calling Israel an apartheid state

The motion commits the Labour party to implementing sanctions including ceasing UK-Israel arms trade and trade with illegal Israeli settlements

por MEMO - Middle East Monitor - 29/09/2021


Massive Protests in Southern Iraq

por - 25/07/2018

Demonstrations grow against environmental Threats, Lack of Water, Poor Job Opportunities and Declining Social Benefits

Hindu Dalit Women in Pakistan Are Contesting Elections To Fight Back

por - 24/07/2018

Dalit Hindu women in Pakistan are contesting the 2018 general elections to demand equality and justice for their community.

Union End Times: The Supreme Court’s Fatal Attack on Public-Sector Workers

por - 17/07/2018

The courts have always been an instrument of plutocratic power. But the war against American workers has intensified in Trump’s America.

A long march of the dispossessed to Delhi

por - 13/07/2018

India’s agrarian crisis has gone beyond the agrarian.

Know the Atlas of Utopias

por - 12/07/2018

The 2018 transformative cities featured iniciatives

This is environmenthal racism

por - 11/07/2018

Three years ago, Unilever broke its silence on the mercury mess in Kodaikanal and compensated 591 of its ex-workers. But the factory site continues to be tainted with toxic mercury today.

Argentina: attack on journalism

por - 10/07/2018

Journalists denounce Telam’s decision to fire 354 workers, destroying entire journalistic and historical sections of the company

Lula is still in prison, but the Brazilian Judiciary has been naked

por - 09/07/2018

Of all the judges who issued decisions yesterday, only one was assigned to do so: the judge on duty. Why did the others run to interfere?

Towards the 8th World Social Forum on Migraations

por - 09/07/2018

2-4 November 2018, Mexico City: Migrate, resist, build, transform. Migrating together, migrating the system

Judge orders Lula to be released from jail today

por Rita Freire - 08/07/2018

Judge Rogerio Favreto accepted habeas corpus presented on Friday (6)

Backstory: Why Journalism Should Go Down the Drain

por - 30/06/2018

Much like the subterranean systems that carry our waste away from our sight, media coverage of issues that concern excreta and its disposal are largely subterranean and completely odourless.

The corporate media’s world of illusions

por - 30/06/2018

Once one is prepared to step through the door, to discard the old script, the new narrative takes its hold because it is so helpful.

Look of Actors: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

por Afrolab - 27/06/2018

In Solidarity with Palestine

Yellow Journalism and the New Cold War

por - 21/06/2018

Russophobia resembles both antisemitism and Islamophobia in that “it exists first in the head of the one who looks not in the victims’ alleged behavior or characteristics.

Impoundment of Ilisu Dam Reservoir has not yet started – Drought in Iraq has other reasons

por - 21/06/2018

The worldwide civil society is requested to demand the cancellation of the Ilisu Project until there is a new democratic, participative and transparent process on this project in Turkey which also includes Iraq and Syria.

Women on the frontlines risk death for their rights

por - 20/06/2018

Palestinian women have been at the frontlines of Great March of Return protests in Gaza, as well as providing logistical support, cultural activities and risking their lives as journalists and medics.

Immigrant Rights Advocates Mark Father’s Day With Vigil at Facility for Migrant Children Torn From Parents

por - 19/06/2018

We need #JusticeOnFathersDay because #FamiliesBelongTogether.

The beautiful game: a history of whitewashing international crimes

por Hussein Samih - 15/06/2018

The Argentinian team’s decision is a sign, that contrary to Israel’s wishes, the world cannot pretend that it is business as usual.

Remembering Joel Kovel

por - 15/06/2018

A Friend, Comrade and a Visionary Ecosocialist

How Long Will We Pretend Palestinians Aren’t People?

por - 14/06/2018

If we can now accept a massacre on this scale, how far can our immune system go in the days and weeks and months to come?

Sacrificing Gaza: The Great March of Zionist Hypocrisy

por - 13/06/2018

The American government, political parties, and media, which support and make possible this crime are disgraceful, criminal accomplices.

Israel arrests Palestinian music band for ‘producing songs that incite to resistance’

por - 12/06/2018

The band Al-Anwar whose members were arrested on 11 June 2018 in occupied Hebron for ’producing songs that incite to resistance’ [QudsPress]

The new World Heritage Watch Report 2018

por Ercan Ayboga - 12/06/2018

The report describes how the Unesco World Heritage Site of Diyarbakir is still faced with destruction and displacement

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