UK Labour Party votes for motion calling Israel an apartheid state

The motion commits the Labour party to implementing sanctions including ceasing UK-Israel arms trade and trade with illegal Israeli settlements

por MEMO - Middle East Monitor - 29/09/2021


Open-air prisons in Jerusalem: Shuafat refugee camp and Kufr Aqab

por Ahmad Jaradat - 11/06/2018

Israel is cited as maintaining the largest open-air prison in the world in Gaza. Israeli rule over East Jerusalem has created similarly unlivable conditions for Palestinians in the holy city.

Following Worker Revolt, Google to End Drone Technology Contract with Pentagon

por - 09/06/2018

Kudos to all the Google employees who forced the company’s hand on this."

The Culture Behind School Shootings

por - 07/06/2018

As wretched as Donald Trump may be this paranoid autocratic form of American fascism is a post-9/11 phenomenon. And in large part should be laid at the feet of Bill Clinton and his pivot towards mass incarceration.

’Sure Looks Like Zuckerberg Lied’ to Congress About User Privacy, As New Facebook Data-Sharing Deals Come to Light

por - 06/06/2018

The tech giant has allowed cell phone and device makers access to Facebook users’ and their friends’ data, without explicit consent

New Socialist Initiative Condemns Hindutva Engineered and Inspired Atrocities on Dalits

por - 31/05/2018

Hardly a day passes without headline news of some or another atrocity on Dalits

The Dark Side of Israeli Independence

por - 31/05/2018

On May 14, 1948, Israel declared its independence. Each May 15, Palestinians solemnly commemorate Nakba Day. Nakba means catastrophe ...

We are all Migrants

por - 29/05/2018

More than 1,500 migrants have already been deported in recent weeks, during abusive operations and in flagrant contradictions with international human rights law.

The Road Blockades are Up on the East Rand

por - 28/05/2018

South Africa. - For years we have tried to talk to the politicians and officials in the Ekurhuleni Municipality and Gauteng Provincial Government about our urgent need for land and housing.

The Coming Collapse

por Chris Hedges - 27/05/2018

It is impossible for any doomed population to grasp how fragile the decayed financial, social and political system is on the eve of implosion.

No return, no solution

por Ahmad Jaradat - 23/05/2018

Gaza proves the right of return is the core issue of the conflict. When Palestinians can exercise this right, the conflict can be solved.

US Supreme Court Will Hear Landmark Case Challenging World Bank Group Immunity

por Valentina Stackl - 21/05/2018

This will be the first time ever the US Supreme Court will address the scope of international organizations’ immunity. Tata Mundra coal-fired power plant has devastated communities in Gujarat, India

15 Years Later: The Iraqi Social Forum Spreads Messages of Peace and Solidarity to Cities Which Opposed the 2003 War in Iraq

por - 19/05/2018

On the 15th anniversary of demonstrations against the war in Iraq, a delegation from the Iraqi Social Forum visited Rome and Oslo, two cities which voiced strong opposition to the war. The visits strengthened international networks, empowering civil society to be an agent of positive change.

The free media network MIL Baianas is born

por - 17/05/2018

Bahia Free Media Network comes from the experience of shared communication at the World Social Forum 2018, in Salvador

Number of Palestinians killed in Gaza climbs to 63

por Ahmad Jaradat - 15/05/2018

Israeli soldiers shoot dead two more protesters on Tuesday as others succumb to critical injuries.

Why the flow rate of the Euphrates River at the Turkish/Syrian border is decreasing?

por Ercan Ayboga - 12/05/2018

Two documents shows the reasons. A letter to prime minister Thereza May and a report showing what hapens to the river at the Turkish/Syrian border.

April: Human rights violations in Hebron

por Ahmad Jaradat - 10/05/2018

Israeli occupation forces and settlers continue to commit human rights violations against Palestinians in the West Bank district of Hebron.

30 cities join Global Sur and Hasankeyf Action Day

por Kurdish Network - 29/04/2018

Activists and civil organization raised awareness on the ongoing destruction of the two antique cities Sur and Hasankeyf at the Tigris River in North (Turkish) Kurdistan.

20 shots at dawn, against pro-Lula camp

por Rita Freire - 28/04/2018

Two people were injured, including Sao Bernardo do Campo metallurgist Jéfferson Lima de Menezes, who was shot in the neck and hospitalized in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Natalie Portman Rejects Israel Prize in Light of its Crimes in Gaza

por - 28/04/2018

In a statement a representative for the Hollywood star said “[r]ecent events in Israel have been extremely distressing to her and she does not feel comfortable participating in any public events in Israel” and that “she cannot in good conscience move forward with the ceremony.”

Four protesters killed, 883 injured on ‘Friday of Rebellious Youth’ in Gaza

por Ahmad Jaradat - 28/04/2018

Journalists and medics are among the injured and one of the protesters killed was just 14 years old.

One killed, hundreds wounded on third Great Return March in Gaza

por Ahmad Jaradat - 27/04/2018

Protests in Gaza will continue until Nakba Day despite the violent response of the Israeli occupation.

Settlers knock on Palestinians’ doors, tell them to leave their homes

por Ahmad Jaradat - 27/04/2018

Settlers attack the homes of the Kfeisheh and Jaber families in occupied Hebron.

Settlers stone Palestinian school bus in Hebron

por Ahmad Jaradat - 26/04/2018

Ahmed Mohammed Noaman, 13 years old, was wounded in the face and taken to the hospital.

Israeli military closes villages, isolates thousands in Hebron

por Ahmad Jaradat - 25/04/2018

Residents had no idea why the military decided to isolate el-Adisa and Beit ‘Anun villages for three days.

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