The Announced End of the WSF?

The main problem is the opposition of some very influential IC members to any WSF decision that goes against their agendas and political commitments.

por Boaventura de Sousa Santos - 02/08/2022


Multipolar transition

por - 20/03/2017

Could it be the premise for a new world governance?

Text of Resignation Letter by ESCWA Executive Secretary Rima Khalaf

por - 18/03/2017

The following text is the resignation letter submitted by ESWA Executie Secretary Rima Khalaf in response to the formal request by UN Secretary General that ESCWA withdraw the publication of a report that asserts Israel is committing Apartheid.

UN Report Establishes Israeli Apartheid

por - 18/03/2017

Domain 1 embraces about 1.7 million Palestinians who are citizens of Israel. For the first 20 years of the country’s existence, they lived under martial law and to this day are subjected to oppression on the basis of not being Jewish

Israeli Practices towards the Palestinian People and the Question of Apartheid

por - 17/03/2017

See the full report of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) that asserts Israel is committing Apartheid

Debat within the WSF: The establishment of the World Assembly of Resistances

por - 14/03/2017

This document to be submitted to a broad international consultation with the movements within and outside the Forum process

Tunisia: Stop criminalizing peaceful protests!

por Abderrahmène Hedhili - 13/03/2017

The Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDES) calls on the government to repeal laws criminalizing social dissent, torelease the youths arrested and to drop all the charges against them.

Holding Out for Un-alienated Communication

por Indymedia Montreal 2016 Convergence Working Group - 11/03/2017

A group of media and tech organizers from several continents gathered at the World Forum of Free Media in Montreal to face the question “What could a global independent media/tech network be in the era of corporate social media?”

Pan-Amazonian Forum towards Tarapoto

por - 11/03/2017

Organizations of the WSF process in the Amazon region invite VIII Fospa, in San Martín del Perú.

Gender Equality

por - 09/03/2017

Galery of Cartoon Movement


por - 08/03/2017

We believe that the objectification of women in advertising in media robs women of power and possibility.

On 8 March, stand with women of Palestine

por - 08/03/2017

The 8 March international women’s strike is an unprecedented opportunity for feminists to stand against Islamophobia and Israeli apartheid, while supporting Palestinian self-determination.

What the Women’s Strike Means

por - 07/03/2017

The International Women’s Strike is about taking on the degradations of capitalism in all spheres of life. Cinzia Arruzza & Tithi Bhattacharya remember the protests called by the WSF against the imperialist attack on Iraq

An Awkward Silence

por - 06/03/2017

Massive layoffs at newspapers expose professional conditions that undermine the public sphere

On the 52nd anniversary of his death, rappers discuss the importance of Malcolm X to Brazilian Hip Hop

por - 01/03/2017

One could argue that Malcolm X’s words may be even more important to Afro-Brazilians than his immediate audience, African-Americans.

Statement against the xenophobic surveillance policy of the United States

por WSF News/Noticias FSM - 28/02/2017

The recent statement by US Secretary of Homeland Security, saying that US embassies will be empowered to request personal communication passwords violates fundamental rights and freedoms that concern all the people.

Western Sahara: a clear-cut issue of struggle for decolonization

por - 27/02/2017

Interview with Malainin Lakhal on African Democratic Institute on SADR Independence Day

I’ll never bring my phone on an international flight again. Neither should you.

por Quincy Larson - 19/02/2017

What we’re seeing now is that anyone can be grabbed on their way through customs and forced to hand over the full contents of their digital life.

Wangui Mbatia: the Kenyan woman that forced the gates of the WSF dies

por Translated by July Ammateur - 12/02/2017

Responsible for taking young poor people into the event of 2007, she defended the space of the WSF so that the fighters for alternatives did not feel alone. Nor crazy.

The WSF, free media and the challenge of communication

por - 24/12/2016

A history of construction within the WSF and the need to understand the new dimensions - digital - of social struggles. It had the collaboration Bia Barbosa e Erika Campelo. Translated by Fany Hernandez and Hilde Stephansen

The End of Democracy in Turkey

por Hisyar Ozsoy - 07/11/2016

The purge of President Erdogan against HDP party has reached another peak: our Co-Chairs Selahattin Demirtas and Figen Yüksekdag, along with 11 further Members of Parliament of our party have been detained across Turkey last night

Report on detainment of Guitan Kisanak and Firat Anli, co-mayors of Diyabakir

por Ercan Ayboga - 07/11/2016

This detention shall be considered as final phase of a year-long process of carried out by the government to abolish local democracy in Turkey step-by-step.

Children Arrested in schools: Brazil has hit rock bottom

por - 29/10/2016

The police of the State of Tocantins raid an occupied school, handcuff students, and drive children and young to the police station. There are over a thousand schools occupied in protest of the government. Translated by Jennifer Cox

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