The Announced End of the WSF?

The main problem is the opposition of some very influential IC members to any WSF decision that goes against their agendas and political commitments.

por Boaventura de Sousa Santos - 02/08/2022


Brazil: Democracy on the Edge of Chaos and the Dangers of Legal Disorder

por Boaventura de Sousa Santos - 26/03/2016

With legal order turned into legal disorder and democracy being highjacked by the non-elected sovereign body, political and social life has become a potential field of spoils at the mercy of political adventurers and vultures.

Latin America, a bit of history and geography

por - 26/03/2016

Nowadays, coups against democracy are no longer military, but articulated by the judiciary, in alliance with globalized media and financial markets.

This, In Fact, Is A Revolution

por - 09/02/2016

Overwhelming Majority of Americans Believe Both Parties Are Too Corrupt to Change Anything ... Article submited by George Washington - Zero Hedge to Other News

Corporate Power Doesn’t Always Win: Remembering the FTAA

por Aldo Orellana López , Thomas Mc Donagh - 30/01/2016

A decade ago, a transnational coalition beat back the largest corporate trade deal in history. Here’s what they can teach opponents of the TPP.

March in Paris for Sara, Rojbín and Ronahí

por - 08/01/2016

Three years ago today, Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez were brutally murdered.

Cizre "The Curfew" report

por - 22/12/2015

Step by step, Cizre was displayed to public as a city that must be exterminated, by the system. The preparations of amassacre has been made.

The Kurdish Capital City Diyarbakir under Turkish govern

por Ercan Ayboga - 22/12/2015

This is not the Kurdish town Kobani in Syria, destroyed by ISIS gangs. This is the Kurdish life in Turkey

Rojava: Paradoxes of a Liberatory Ideology

por Janet Biehl - 04/12/2015

Kurdish people are building a society structured around an assembly democracy and a commitment to gender equality under conditions of brutal war

The black youth are being killed in Rio de Janeiro

por Rizza Matos - 01/12/2015

Last Saturday (November, 29) the police murdered five youth black when they were go back to their houses in Costas Barros, one favela in Rio.

“Amplify your voice for justice”

por - 30/11/2015

Roger Waters and prominent artists call for boycott of Israel in new video

Tens Of Thousands Bid Farewell To Tahir Elçi

por ANF - Amed - 29/11/2015

The human rights defender Tahir Elçi spent his life fighting against extrajudicial murders, until he became a victim of one yesterday.

Diyarbakir Bar Association Chairman Tahir Elçi was murdered by the dark forces of the Turkish state!

por - 28/11/2015

The Kurdistan National Congress donounces and condemn this brutal attack!

Hebron’s isolation continues unabated

por Ahmad Jaradat - 27/11/2015

Two weeks ago, all the entrances to the city, except one, were blocked with concrete blocks and iron barriers, severing hundreds of Palestinian villages’ connection to Hebron.

Israel inflicts collective punishment on Palestinian residents of Hebron area

por Ahmad Jaradat - 17/11/2015

Even following arrest of suspect in Friday’s killing of two settlers in the southern West Bank area of Hebron, Israel continues its policy of collective punishment in this largest district of the West Bank.

Hebron sealed shut

por Ahmad Jaradat - 10/11/2015

Israel has sealed off the city of Hebron in act of collective punishment following two weekend attacks in the area.

The white man in that photo

por Alexa Combs Dieffenbach - 27/10/2015

As John Carlos said, “If we were getting beat up, Peter was facing an entire country and suffering alone.”

Solutions Cop21 : Les solutions climat confisquées par les multinationales

por - 25/10/2015

En vue de la Conférence climat de Paris de décembre, le gouvernement et les grandes entreprises françaises ont choisi de mettre l’accent sur les « solutions ».

Strike, rage in Hebron after killings

por Ahmad Jaradat - 22/10/2015

A general strike and day of rage in the southern West Bank district of Hebron is held Wednesday following yesterday’s killing of five Palestinians and wounding of dozens in clashes with Israeli forces in the area.

7 killed, dozens wounded in bloody weekend

por Ahmad Jaradat - 18/10/2015

According to Palestinian medical sources, 34 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces and 1200 wounded by live and rubber-coated steel bullets since the beginning of the current wave of clashes on 1 October.

Palestinian uprising moves forward

por Ahmad Jaradat - 16/10/2015

This week, Palestinians have participated in demonstrations against the Israeli occupation consistently, and in huge numbers. Moreover, Palestinian political groups are publicly calling for sustaining a third intifada until the occupation falls.

Palestinian youth intifada

por Ahmad Jaradat - 10/10/2015

Young Palestinians resist, challenging both Israel and internal political divisions

Collective punishment in Hebron

por Ahmad Jaradat - 07/10/2015

With attention focused on Jerusalem, Israeli forces continue their attacks on the southern West Bank district of Hebron.

Palestinian struggle irrevocably altered

por Ahmad Jaradat - 07/10/2015

Is a new intifada breaking out? Palestinian commentators are united that regardless of the name, the Palestinian struggle has been irrevocably altered.

Iraq Social Forum 2015 - Nasiriyah Celebrating Religious and Cultural Diversity

por WSF News/Noticias FSM - 01/10/2015

In an atmosphere of love and peace, within the Iraqi Social Forum process, approximately 500 people gathered to attend a big festival on religious and cultural diversity in Nasiriyah city.

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