The Announced End of the WSF?

The main problem is the opposition of some very influential IC members to any WSF decision that goes against their agendas and political commitments.

por Boaventura de Sousa Santos - 02/08/2022


West Bank’s day of rage

por Ahmad Jaradat - 30/09/2015

Tens of Palestinians were wounded in clashes with Israeli soldiers Tuesday in protests against Israel’s attacks on al Aqsa and in solidarity with hunger striking prisoners.

From 09 to 14/08/2016 - Towards WSF 2016, everywhere and Montreal

por WSF News/Noticias FSM - 13/09/2015

WSF 2016 will take place from 9 to 14 August 2016, with over 50 000 people in Montreal, and with extended participation in the world around these dates, with the unifying slogan “Another world is necessary, together, it becomes possible ‘.

The Chant of the Chora — On Márcio-André’s Performances

por Bálint Urbán - 10/09/2015

Without any doubt, Márcio-André, the Brazilian performance artist and sound poetry genius, is one of the most interesting phenomena of the aforementioned artistic areas in the contemporary scene.

Professor Lee Berger introduces Homo Naledi

por - 10/09/2015

Professor Lee Berger introduces Homo Naledi - video

American nuns respond to Pope

por - 04/09/2015

Their message to Pope Francis was quite simple: you don’t quite get it.

Social commons and social transformation

por Francine Mestrum - 04/09/2015

I am shocked to hear light-hearted statements on social policies that ‘are part of the counter-insurgency practice’. Probably, some are, but others are not, and it is dangerous to generalize.

’Refugees Welcome’: As EU Slams Door on War Survivors, People Show Another Way

por Sarah Lazare - 01/09/2015

Many EU residents are staging welcome rallies and opening their homes to survivors of war, poverty, and the dangerous voyage across the Mediterranean

US Shows its Real Face in Choosing Turkey over the Kurds

por Joris Leverink - 29/08/2015

In its choice of allies in the battle against IS, the U.S. is showing that defeating the jihadists might in fact not be its number one priority.

Israeli Soldiers Attack Palestinian Journalist & Beat a Man with Rifle

por - 15/06/2015

On Friday June 12th in Jalazone, north of ramallah, Israeli forces attacked journalists that were covering a Palestinian protest against illegal Israeli settlements.

Caetanto e Gil, do not play to the apartheid!

por BDS - 18/05/2015

Online petition in the website asks Brazilian Tropicalia music stars Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil to cancel their concert in Israel. Read and sign it!

On Nakba day

por BDS - 18/05/2015

Palestinian civil society in besieged Gaza decries collective failure to ensure accountability for Israeli massacre

Apartheid and the Palestinian National Struggle

por Richard Falk - 04/05/2015

The American indulgence of Israeli exceptionalism includes issuing a free pass to Israel when it secretly became a nuclear weapons state. American citizens have a special responsibility for the long ordeal of the Palestinian people.

The Saharawi people and their struggle

por Nelsinho Pombo - 26/03/2015

During the opening walk from the World Social Forum, the Saharawi delegation faces intolerance and struggle for self-determination.

WFFM opens in Tunis, with the first major WSF debates

por - 22/03/2015

Communication is a struggle of every social movement. Therefore, the World Forum of Free Media reaffirms its deep connection with the World Social Forum. Event starts this Sunday and continues throughout WSF until the 28th, promoting debates on right to communication, public media, community radio stations and future of the Internet. Check message and WFFM program.

The IV WFFM and the WSF

por - 22/03/2015

A message from the Collective of the 4th FMML to the Machrek Maghreb organizing committee of the WSF 2015 and the process organizations of the WSF

WSF official note on the attacks in Tunis

por - 18/03/2015

Statement was issued after the attacks that left dozens dead and wounded in the capital of Tunisia, just days before the occurrence, in the city, the next centralized World Social Forum.

Determined action needed for gender parity in parliament despite 20 years of progress

por - 08/03/2015

Tunisia is now one of only two Arab countries with more than 30 per cent women in Parliament. Africa has now five countries with more than 40 per cent women MPs and one country – Rwanda - with 63.8 per cent. . Bolivia has surpassed the 50 per cent . Cuba and Ecuador, more more than 40 per cent. In the USA, 19,3 per cent in 2015.

Media Freedoms Violations in Palestine During December 2014

por MADA - 13/01/2015

The occupation authorities has escalated chasing the Palestinians for their writings on Facebook; they also continued the physical assault against journalists; where shooting Palestine Public TV cameraman Mahmoud Nazzal with an explosive bullet is considered the most dangerous violation.

Preparation schedule towards Tunis

por - 10/01/2015

The organizations, movements and networks can submit activities until January the 31st of 2015

North Africa and Middle East Debate Free Media World Chart

por - 19/11/2014

The 2nd International Seminar of the World Free Media Forum in 2014 promotes debates with communicators from Tunisia and community broadcasters across the region

Palestinian prisoner dies in unclear circumstances

por Ahmad Jaradat - 10/09/2014

Without any diseases, a Palestinian prisoner died just hours after he was moved to the hospital, according to the Palestinian Committee for Prisoners’ and Ex-Prisoners Affairs.

When saturday came

por - 08/09/2014

The raw images of carnage. The use of white phosphorus, the cowardly massacre, the role of Hamas ... Gaza stands alone. Where is the UN? Where is international justice?

BDS. Artists from São Paulo Bienal break with Israeli Funding

por Cyro Soares - 02/09/2014

We, the majority of participating artists of the 31st São Paulo Bienal opposing any association of our work with the funding given by the State of Israel, have had our claims heard today by the São Paulo Bienal Foundation.

They don’t respect the victims of the Holocaust

por Ami Kaufman - 25/08/2014

Israelis on Facebook wish death for Holocaust survivors against ’Protective Edge’

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