Rosa Luxemburg and debt as an imperialist instrument

I would like to point out that it was an invitation to participate in September 2019 in a conference in Moscow on Rosa Luxemburg that gave me the opportunity to look again at her work and to prepare the material that we find in this article.

por Eric Toussaint - 19/01/2022


WSF official note on the attacks in Tunis

por - 18/03/2015

Statement was issued after the attacks that left dozens dead and wounded in the capital of Tunisia, just days before the occurrence, in the city, the next centralized World Social Forum.

Determined action needed for gender parity in parliament despite 20 years of progress

por - 08/03/2015

Tunisia is now one of only two Arab countries with more than 30 per cent women in Parliament. Africa has now five countries with more than 40 per cent women MPs and one country – Rwanda - with 63.8 per cent. . Bolivia has surpassed the 50 per cent . Cuba and Ecuador, more more than 40 per cent. In the USA, 19,3 per cent in 2015.

Media Freedoms Violations in Palestine During December 2014

por MADA - 13/01/2015

The occupation authorities has escalated chasing the Palestinians for their writings on Facebook; they also continued the physical assault against journalists; where shooting Palestine Public TV cameraman Mahmoud Nazzal with an explosive bullet is considered the most dangerous violation.

Preparation schedule towards Tunis

por - 10/01/2015

The organizations, movements and networks can submit activities until January the 31st of 2015

North Africa and Middle East Debate Free Media World Chart

por - 19/11/2014

The 2nd International Seminar of the World Free Media Forum in 2014 promotes debates with communicators from Tunisia and community broadcasters across the region

Palestinian prisoner dies in unclear circumstances

por Ahmad Jaradat - 10/09/2014

Without any diseases, a Palestinian prisoner died just hours after he was moved to the hospital, according to the Palestinian Committee for Prisoners’ and Ex-Prisoners Affairs.

When saturday came

por - 08/09/2014

The raw images of carnage. The use of white phosphorus, the cowardly massacre, the role of Hamas ... Gaza stands alone. Where is the UN? Where is international justice?

BDS. Artists from São Paulo Bienal break with Israeli Funding

por Cyro Soares - 02/09/2014

We, the majority of participating artists of the 31st São Paulo Bienal opposing any association of our work with the funding given by the State of Israel, have had our claims heard today by the São Paulo Bienal Foundation.

They don’t respect the victims of the Holocaust

por Ami Kaufman - 25/08/2014

Israelis on Facebook wish death for Holocaust survivors against ’Protective Edge’

LIVE: Assange to leave London’s Ecuadorian embassy

por - 18/08/2014

Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder, is leaving the London’s Ecuador embassy after two years. Assange has been holed-up in the embassy to avoid arrest and extradited to Sweden, where he is accused of rape charges. He has made public his decision to leave due to ill health; he reportedly suffers from a heart defect and chronic lung condition. When asked about his health, Assange commented that the lack of sunlight has given him a vitamin D deficiency.

Mossad hacked by Anonymous

por - 17/08/2014

The hackers said they gained access to the personal data of more than 30,000 Israeli officials, including military officials, politicians and Mossad agents, and that material will be released gradually.

World Social Forum - Tunis

por - 17/08/2014

Kurdish people under brutal threat of Islamic State

por - 14/08/2014

Refugees flood Kurdistan border as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) advances

WSF for Gaza, for Palestine

por WSF News/Noticias FSM - 06/08/2014

Organizations of the International Council of the World Social Forum claims for BDS Global Actions towards the Global Day of Rage for Gaza, August. 9

Gaza Calling: All out on Saturday 9 August Day of Rage

por - 06/08/2014

Take to the streets on Saturday 9 August with a united demand for sanctions on Israel.

Two killed, over 120 wounded in West Bank protests

por Ahmad Jaradat - 01/08/2014

As global attention focused today on the Gaza ceasefire that was not to be, two Palestinians were killed and over 120 wounded in mass Gaza solidarity protests throughout the West Bank.

Jewish Prof. Finkelstein arrested in NY pro-Palestine protest

por - 31/07/2014

Corey Robin, another Jewish professor of political science at Brooklyn College and a longtime critic of Israel, was also arrested at the protest.

From Gaza to Brazil: We urge you to expose the crimes of the Israeli occupation

por Intisar Hamdan - 31/07/2014

Gaza calling for the protection of human consciences of their sons’ killing machine .. devastating Gaza cry out to the conscience of humanity to lift the siege and aggression ...

Winner in Gaza? Unified Palestinian resistance!

por Ahmad Jaradat - 31/07/2014

Why did Israel decide it could destroy Palestinian resistance while framing it as a war on Hamas? This fatally flawed decision has clarified what was downplayed in Oslo: there is an occupation, and there is resistance. Israel’s war on Gaza has fatally weakened all other avenues to freedom.

Egypt not cooperating on aid delivery to Gaza: Iran MP

por - 30/07/2014

The Egyptian government refuses to cooperate for the dispatch of medical and humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza Strip, a senior Iranian lawmaker says.

From West Bank to Brazil: We look forward to free peoples to make pressure on governments

por Ahmad Jaradat - 28/07/2014

A message to the Brazilian people "always custodian of the values of freedom, justice, and supportive of us the Palestinian people in our struggle for freedom and independence"

From Palestine to Brazil: your protests give us the confidence that the victory is coming.

por Omar Assaf - 28/07/2014

Message to all the brazilian people who are organizing protests and demonstration of solidarity with people of Gaza Strip

Clashes across West Bank

por Ahmad Jaradat - 24/07/2014

Clashes broke out Wednesday night and early Thursday morning between Palestinians demonstrating solidarity with Gaza and Israeli soldiers in Hebron and the southern West Bank. Two Palestinians were killed near Bethlehem and Palestinian commandos opened fire on an Israeli patrol.

Dozens of Palestinians wounded overnight in West Bank clashes

por Ahmad Jaradat - 22/07/2014

A general strike throughout the West Bank, called for by the political parties, will be held Tuesday.

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