World Free Media Forum Organizations Call on ICC to Investigate Shireen’s Death

The note was distributed for reading in the Nakba Acts, on May 15, 2022

por - 15/05/2022


Why I’m a Moroccan Standing with the Sahrawi People

por Nadir Bouhmouch - 04/10/2013

I didn’t discover who was taking away the voice from the voiceless until my voice, my camera, was taken away from me at an airport in Fez on a summer visit to Morocco. It was the Makhzen, the Moroccan regime.

The Iraqi Social Forum 2013 begins in Bagdhdad

por Florent Schaeffer - 28/09/2013

More than 300 persons attended the opening ceremony at the Baghdad University. More than 3000 persons registered for the day’s activities.

For Vinod

por Gustave Massiah - 15/09/2013

He was very engaged in the social forum process without idealizing it. He never rejected the critics that had to be done. Vinod has given us so much with its simplicity, attention and depth. We keep him in our hearts.

Alvida Vinod Raina!

por Yerramalla Manasa Shanta - 14/09/2013

“Every child has the potential to become a creative person, to bring out that creativeness, which is not confined to school subjects, and this should be the quality norm”

In memory of Vinod Raina :" Maghreb Machrek seminar Rabat- Morocco 5-6 may 2009- Vinod Raina speach"

por Vinod Raina, in Memorian - 13/09/2013

On September 12, he left us Vinod Raina, one of the most serious and valid intellectuals and activists who have made the history of the process of the World Social Forum. This video was made during the meeting in Rabat in May 2009." Vinod Raina (Asian Pacific Movement on Debt and Development), speach at Rabat meeting about the policy of the open space of world social forum process related to the Maghreb Macherk meeting.

When We Become the Hunted

por By Mark Karlin, Truthout - 23/08/2013

From Spying on "Terrorists Abroad" to Suppressing Domestic Dissent

Towards the Iraqi Social Forum (ISF)

por - 17/08/2013

We who are working for an Iraqi civil state reject ambiguous relationships between religion or religious institutions and the state. We support separation of religion and the state.

We are here and alive, we are not invisible

por - 09/08/2013

From Peru, on the World Day of Indigenous Peoples

The Failure of a Model: Towards Direct Democracy

por Florismar Oliveira Thomaz - 11/07/2013

In the ongoing movements, there is a rejection, still somewhat diffuse, conscious or not, of the dominant forms of exercising power. I think that we are experiencing the beginning of the failure of a model, which calls into question the structure of the State itself.

A movement for another kind of world

por Terezinha Vicente - 04/07/2013

Celebrating their victory in SP and Rio for the immediate conquest of the claim after large demonstrations, the Free Pass Movement places several issues into political debate.

People are not stupid

por Rita Freire - 02/07/2013

Time has come to listen to the gatherings in the streets and squares of Brazil. What people say is not what the media says. Who will the country listen to? María Fernández Estévez

Promoting the Social Commons

por Francine Mestrum - 30/06/2013

We are living in a paradoxical situation. While economic development has in many cases been replaced by human development, welfare states have been dismantled by governments all over the world in the framework of Washington Consensus policies.

The Movement launches the creation of the World Charter of Free Media

por Bia Barbosa - 27/05/2013

The initiative was approved during the third edition of the World Forum of Free Media, held in Tunisia. The document seeks to bring together the most diverse actors within this sector, around the fundamental principles to exercise the right to communication and freedom of expression, around the world. (Translation from Spanish - Tomasina Contu)

Assembly meets Arab Spring in Tunisia

por Deborah Moreira - 08/05/2013

They were all there. Youth, black, white, Asian, religious, and non-religious men and women. Many women. The Assembly of Social Movements, one of the sessions that traditionally closes the World Social Forum (WSF), gathered together organizations from more than 100 countries, on Friday, March 29th, in Tunisia. (Translation: Diane Garceau)

Decolonising the WSF: a critical discussion of the production of knowledges within and about the social forum process

por Hilde C Stephansen - 07/05/2013

This workshop was held as part of the 2013 World Social Forum in Tunis. At a moment when the future of the WSF has become the subject of intensifying debate, the aim of the workshop was to put the issue of decolonisation on the agenda and facilitate a critical discussion of knowledge production within, about and beyond the social forum process.

3rd WFMF puts freedom of expression at the centre of debate

por Bia Barbosa - 06/05/2013

Held on March 24th-30th, as part of the World Social Forum 2013, in Tunisia, the meeting gave visibility to the repression suffered by communicators of the region, birthplace of the Arab Spring. (Translation: Diane Garceau)

Decolonizing the WSF

por Terezinha Vicente - 06/05/2013

A well-attended critical reflection on the production of knowledge about and within the WSF raised questions about the heirarchical social structures reproduced in the Forum and the lack of transparency of its resources.(Translation: Diane Garceau)

Alternative Worlds at the 2013 World Social Forum (Tunis)

por Frances Hasso - 01/05/2013

The WSF slogan, “another world is possible,” continues to indicate the importance of alternative, albeit internally plural and contested, articulations of living in a transnational world.

Revolution’s injured still fight for justice

por Anna Livingstone , Kambiz Boomla - 22/04/2013

They were the revolution on the streets and deserve not to be forgotten.

North and South met in Tunes to build progressive alliances

por - 22/04/2013

The revolutions in the MENA region opened a new social and political space. Without progressive movements building networks and joining efforts, we face the risk that extremist religious forces invade it

Many open questions

por Martina Sabra - 22/04/2013

The World Social Forum in Tunis has boosted leftist and secular forces in the Arab world – even though a remarkable number of leftist and feminist figures from the region stayed away.

The WSF in the revolutionary atmosphere of the Arab world

por Rita Freire - 17/04/2013

Despite these tensions and almost inevitable differences, the many representatives expressing of the struggles in the Arab world marched together during WSF for the liberation of Palestine. The WSF also contributed to raising awareness of the Saharawi and Kurdish people

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