World Free Media Forum Organizations Call on ICC to Investigate Shireen’s Death

The note was distributed for reading in the Nakba Acts, on May 15, 2022

por - 15/05/2022


People gather for the marchS of the WSF 2013

por - 12/04/2013

People from throughout the world gathered in Tunis for the World Social Forum to discuss various issues

Excerpt from an Interview with Samir Amin

por - 12/04/2013

Below is a lightly edited excerpt from a conversation with Marxist
Economist Samir Amin during the World Social Forum in Tunisia. He
answered questions about the continued relevance of the World Social
Forum, and the current state of the Arab Spring.

WCC addresses mining and extraction issues at World Social Forum

por - 12/04/2013

At the recent World Social Forum, ecumenical voices warned about thegrave consequences of extraction of natural resources and mining,which they say generate a tremendous amount of social and ecologicaldebt.

Celebrating Multilinguism at the World Social Forum

por - 12/04/2013

Would you deem yourself able to understand the general meaning of atext written in a language you know nothing about? This was theintention of Labos de Babel Monde in Tunis

A Saharawi resource watch group established

por - 11/04/2013

’Saharawi Natural Resources Watch’, dedicated to monitor the Moroccan plunder of the occupied parts of Western Sahara, was created in the Saharawi refugee camps in Algeria 9 April 2013.

Trade union exchanges experiences in the World Social Forum

por Herbert Claros - 10/04/2013

Participation strengthened solidarity bonds amongst unions of several countries.

This is not surveillance as we know it

por - 08/04/2013

The anatomy of Facebook messages

World Social Forum Highlights Both Unity and Dissent Within Global Movements

por Jordan Flaherty - 04/04/2013

Although the Occupy Wall Street Movement is no longer in the headlines in the U.S., “when Occupy was mentioned in the opening ceremony” in Tunis, “it brought one of the largest cheers of the night.”

Release Kurdish political refugee in Europe Yilmaz Orkan

por - 31/03/2013

Public statement of the WSF International Council organizations demands freedom for the Kurdish representative

Creating a Community Radio Network in the Arabian World

por Soraya Misleh - 28/03/2013

The inspiration comes from independent media which had a decisive role in the current revolutions in the region, said an activist during the Free Media World Forum in Tunisia

As Neoliberal Order Wreaks Havoc, World Social Forum Gathers in Tunisia

por Jon Queally - 26/03/2013

Climate crises, austerity, and the policies of the elite to be challenged by call for ’dignity’ at World Social Forum

Assange Denounces Imperialism on the Internet

por Hamilton Octavio de Souza - 08/03/2013

In a recently launched book, the founder of WikiLeaks alerted Latin American countries to the use and control of the Net by the United States

Thematic axes of the FSM 2013

por - 03/03/2013

Explore the 11 thematic axes that guide the activities and debates enrolled for the next centralized edition of the World Social Forum , 26-30 March in the capital of Tunisia

Free media called to cover the WSF

por - 03/03/2013

The 3rd
World Free Media Forum (WFMF) is making a plea for the mobilisation of the media
coverage for the World Social Forum Tunis 2013.

Call to Participate: III World Free Media Forum (WFMF)

por - 03/03/2013

The third edition of the World Free Media Forum will take place in Tunis
(El Manar Campus) from the 24th to 30th March 2013, at the World Social Forum
(26 - 30 March). The organisers have launched a call to participate to all
civil activists involved in community and non-profit media, journalists, citizens,

Hammamet’s Comunication

por - 25/02/2013

The organizations participating to the preparations for the World
Social Forum 2013, held in Hammamet in Tunis, were chocked to
learn about the sentences against the 25 Saharawis

Towards an Iraqi Social Forum

por Livia Bergmeijer - 25/02/2013

In 2013 Iraq activists plan to hold their first forum in Baghdad and intend to launch officially the process at the World Social Forum in Tunis

WSF demonstrates solidarity with Tunisia

por Rita Freire - 21/02/2013


The assassination of leader of opposition causes reaction in organizations integrating the International Council of WSF, wich enforce world edition demonstration in March in Tunisia as a moment of support to the struggle for democratization of the country.(Translation by Luis Guillermo Mendoza Flores)

India’s rice revolution

por John Vidal - 18/02/2013

In a village in India’s poorest state, Bihar, farmers are growing world record amounts of rice – with no GM, and no herbicide. Is this one solution to world food shortages?

Open call to join the Climate Space at the WSF

por - 17/02/2013

A large grope of organizations build a common space inside the World Social Forum 2013 in Tunisia to discuss the causes, impacts, struggles, alternatives and strategies to address climate change.

Testimonies of The Arab Spring

por Terezinha Vicente - 16/02/2013

Democracy, communism, communication, revolution... all are up for debate in the countries that are building the historical processes known as The Arab Spring (translation by Diane Garceau)

Culture of Peace at the World Social Forum in Tunisia

por David Adams - 13/02/2013

The 2013 World Social Forum (WSF) will take place in Tunis from 26-30 March. It is the first WSF in the Arab World, which is especially important since the movements of the "Arab Spring" continue to reverberate throughout the region.

The WSF mobilizes in solidarity with Tunisia

por - 10/02/2013

Assassination of opposition leader provokes reactions from organizations member of the WSF International Council, which reinforce mobilization for the global edition in Tunisia in March as an opportunity to support the struggle for the democratization of the country

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