UK Labour Party votes for motion calling Israel an apartheid state

The motion commits the Labour party to implementing sanctions including ceasing UK-Israel arms trade and trade with illegal Israeli settlements

por MEMO - Middle East Monitor - 29/09/2021


Letter to friends abroad

por Frei Betto - 24/07/2020

As of this writing, 7/16, Covid has killed 76,000 people in Brazil. By Sunday we will reach 80,000 dead.

Black Lives Matter in Canadá

por GoToVan - 23/07/2020

Black Lives Matter, Anti-racism rally at Canada Place

Video - Are You Lost In The World Like Me?

por - 22/07/2020

We re-record the music video released by of DJ Moby’s music 2016, It is illustrated by Englishman Steve Cutts, with themes such as alienation, loneliness, dependence on technology, self-centeredness and lack of empathy.

Qatar unveils 2022 FIFA World Cup schedule

por MEMO - Middle East Monitor - 21/07/2020

International organizations point out allegations of racism against foreigners and work similar to the slavery of immigrants in the construction of stadiums

Mesopotamian Solidarity in Times of Covid-19

por - 20/07/2020

Report of the regional Water Forum Virtual Assembly

Caste is part of the Silicon Valley ecosystem

por - 17/07/2020

Executive Director of Equality Labs speaks how caste works in the United States and more.

Trans Women And Their Ungovernable Bodies

por Ananya Bhardwaj - 16/07/2020

A few days ago there was outrage over Harry Potter author, J. K. Rowling’s tweet, in which she claimed, in very simple words, that trans women are not women.

New Report by Save the Tigris

por - 15/07/2020

It reviews the dam construction policies of the Kurdistan region

’Living hell’: Brazil capital a covid-19 hotspot after reopening

por - 15/07/2020

Under pressure from Jair Bolsonaro, mayors and governors are loosening restrictions even as confirmed infections spike.

Dalit activists asks Manu statue to be removed from Rajasthan HC

por - 14/07/2020

“The statue of Manu is also an insult to Indian Constitution as well as Dalits, women and all those who believe in equality and justice."

Indians create awareness with #DalitLivesMatter

por Tejasvini Prasad - 13/07/2020

Indians are attempting to awaken their fellow citizens with social media action around #DalitLivesMatter, in the fashion of #BlackLivesMatter.

Solidarity Means Dismantling The System Everywhere

por - 10/07/2020

Progressive International Council members on the uprising in the United States and around the world.

CITIES OF DIGNITY: Urban transformations around the world

por - 09/07/2020

Participants of the Global Working Group Beyond Development are pleased to announce the launch of their third publication: Cities of Dignity: Urban Transformations Around the World.

Self-call to the First Global Assembly for the Amazon

por - 08/07/2020

Against ethnocide, ecocide and extractivism in the Amazon which is aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic

Seeking Justice through Music

por - 07/07/2020

On the links given below you could watch videos and listen to songs, both new and old, and feel inspired & energized too.

Video - A is aftermath

por - 06/07/2020

The message of disaster is that anything can happen. But if anything can happen, that means anything is possible. The word “aftermath” originally referred to the fresh plants growing after a crop has been harvested


por Confluência Feminista - 20/05/2020

Reflection from the Feminist Confluence in the Context of COVID19

Pregnant Algeria doctor who was denied maternity leaves dies of coronavirus

por MEMO - Middle East Monitor - 19/05/2020

Wafa Boudissa, the 28-year-old victim, was eight months pregnant when she died on Friday night

The Palestinian artist jailed by Israel for the ‘crime’ of inspiring his people

por Asa Winstanley - 03/03/2020

Today he may be sitting and rotting in an Israeli cell, but in 2012 Palestinian graphic designer Hafez Omar’s posters were setting the internet alight.

Report details Israel’s February violations against Palestinian media

por MEMO - Middle East Monitor - 02/03/2020

The JSC said that Israeli occupation forces wounded 24 Palestinian journalists by shooting steel-coated rubber bullets at them while they were carrying out their work.

Morocco arrests journalist for tweet ‘insulting judiciary’

por MEMO - Middle East Monitor - 27/12/2019

Morocco is witnessing a campaign of harassment against journalists and civil society activists. Journalists including Hamid El Mahdaoui and Toufik Bouachrine have been arrested and imprisoned.

Two activists in the Iraqi Social Forum disappear in Baghdad

por - 13/12/2019

Omar Al-Amri and Salman Al-Mansoori were arrested or kidnapped during their mission to purchase tents and other needs for the peaceful protesters

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