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A long, bloody weekend in Palestine

terça-feira 20 de setembro de 2016, por Ahmad Jaradat,

Israeli forces shot and killed at least six Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank district of Hebron.


On Thursday, Israeli soldiers killed Muhammad Ahmad Abu al-Fattah al-Sarrahin, 30, during a military raid in Beit Ola, west of the West Bank city of Hebron.

Israeli soldiers damaged the al-Sarrahin family’s furniture as they invaded their home. A fistfight subsequently broke out and Israeli soldiers shot al-Sarrahin with live fire. He was handcuffed and taken to an unknown location. Later, the Israeli army announced that al-Sarrahin had died.


On Friday, Israeli forces killed two Palestinians in the Hebron area, including a minor, as well as one Jordanian in East Jerusalem.

Israeli soldiers opened fire at two Palestinians driving a car through a junction near Kiryat Arba settlement in the West Bank on Friday morning. The Israeli army claimed the two intentionally ran into Israeli soldiers with the car.

The driver, Fares Mousa al-Khoddour, was killed, while his fiancé, Raghad al-Khoddour, was critically injured. Fares and Raghad al-Khaddour are both 18 years old and from Bani Naim, a town next to Hebron.

Palestinian witnesses said that Fares al-Khaddour’s death was an extrajudicial execution. Many stressed that residents of Bani Naim must cross the notoriously dangerous junction to reach Hebron city. Raghad al-Khaddour’s 18-year-old sister was killed at the same junction in June.

Following the shooting, the Israeli army closed the road to Bani Naim with concrete blocks and sand mounds. Dozens of soldiers raided the town and handed out interrogation orders to youth.

Elsewhere in Hebron on Friday afternoon, Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian child: Mohammed Kayed al-Rajabi, 15 years old, from the Tel Rumeida neighborhood of Hebron city. Israeli soldiers claim al-Rajabi attempted to stab a 19-year-old Israeli solider at a checkpoint near his home.

Israeli forces ordered passersby and Palestinian medical services alike to leave the scene while shooting tear gas.

Almost at the same time of al-Rajabi’s death, in East Jerusalem, Israeli soldiers shot and killed Saeed al-Amr, 28, at Damascus Gate. Israeli authorities claim al-Amr tried to stab Israeli police officers too.

Al-Amr was a Jordanian national visiting Palestine. Witnesses say that Israeli soldiers stopped him and asked him to lift his shirt; as al-Amr obliged, he said the Takbir (“God is the greatest”) and Israeli police shot him.

Also on Friday, in Jalazoun refugee camp, north of Ramallah, clashes broke out after dozens of youth organized a demonstration against the separation wall built by Israeli authorities on the camp’s east side. Two youth were wounded by live fire and taken to the hospital. Dozens of other residents were overcome by tear gas, which Israeli soldiers shot indiscriminately inside crowded residential areas of the camp.

In the Gaza Strip, Israeli soldiers injured another two youth with live fire at a protest against Israeli occupation along Gaza’s buffer zone, east of al-Bureij refugee camp.


On Saturday, Israeli forces killed yet another Palestinian in Hebron city’s Tel Rumeida neighborhood.

Israeli soldiers shot and killed Hatim Abd al-Hafez Shaloudi, 25. Israeli authorities claim that he attempted to stab soldiers. His family has called his death a clear extrajudicial execution.


On Sunday, Israeli forces shot and seriously injured a Palestinian man near Bethlehem in the West Bank.

Israeli forces claim Baha al-Din Muhammad Khalil Odeh, 20, stabbed and wounded an Israeli military commander at a checkpoint near Efrat settlement.


On Monday morning, Israeli forces shot another man in East Jerusalem, and killed two more Palestinians in Hebron.

Israeli police shot and critically injured Ayman al-Kurd, 20 years old, from Ras al-Amoud, outside of Herod Gate at approximately 7:00 AM. Israeli authorities claim al-Kurd stabbed two Israeli police officers, one critically.

Following the attack, Israeli police blockaded the area between Damascus Gate, Herod’s Gate and Salah Eddin Street.

Soon after, news emerged of two Palestinians shot and killed near Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron. Israeli authorities are again reporting the incident as an attempted stabbing attack. One Israeli police officer was lightly injured, according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Deathly state violence

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, as of September 5th 2016, Israeli forces have killed 82 Palestinians in East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza so far this year. Another 2,679 Palestinians have been injured by Israeli forces in 2016.

The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) reports it differently: as of September 1st, Israeli forces have killed 239 Palestinians since the current Intifada began in October 2015.

What is clear is that regardless of how one counts these casualties, deathly Israeli state violence against Palestinians has spiked this week.

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