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BDS. Artists from São Paulo Bienal break with Israeli Funding

terça-feira 2 de setembro de 2014, por Cyro Soares,

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We, the majority of participating artists of the 31st São Paulo Bienal opposing any association of our work with the funding given by the State of Israel, have had our claims heard today by the São Paulo Bienal Foundation.

A week ago we were confronted with the fact that the State of Israel is one of the financial sponsors of the exhibit in its entirety. A fact that for most of us is simply unacceptable.

After collective negotiations, the São Paulo Bienal Foundation has agreed to disassociate itself from the Israeli funding. The Israel consulate logo, which had been presented as a master sponsor for the event, will now be associated only to Israeli artists who have received said financial aid.

This level of transparency will be extended to all national funding of artists participating at the Bienal. We, artists and participants of the 31st edition of the São Paulo Bienal, refuse to support the normalization of occupation systematically conducted by Israel in Palestine.

We believe that the cultural support from the State of Israel directly contributes to sustain, defend and launder its international and human right violations. The artists of the event not only showed great ability to organize in order to demand transparency in regards to cultural financial backing, but have also helped raise the fundamental question as to how funding can compromise and undermine an artists work.

The fight for self determination of the Palestinian people is reflected in the work of many of the artists taking part of the Bienal, who are also engaged in the fight for human rights at a global scale.

The oppression of one is the oppression of all.

[Photo: Decolonizing Art Architecture Residency (DAAR): www.decolonizing.ps]