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Building joint strategies for boycott campaigns

sábado 24 de novembro de 2012, por Laura Dauden,

During the World Social Forum Free Palestine, Four organizations from Norway, United Kingdom and Palestine will discuss the importance of denouncing complicit companies and the strategies to inform and engage international public opinion in boycott campaigns against Israel.

The organizers of this deeply important discussion are the Norwegian People’s Aid, an initiative that aims to strengthen people’s opportunities to organize and that have been working in Palestine and Lebanon since the 1980s; the Norwegian Palestine Committee, that works spreading knowledge about the Palestinian struggle; the British Boycott Israel Network, which promotes the boycott campaigns al over the country; and finally the Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign, a network of Palestinian communitarian groups that supports organizational initiatives al over the region and monitors the violations of Palestinian Human Rights by Israel.

Ingeborg, one of the activists involved in the activity, says that this joint effort aims to build strategies to advance the BDS campaigns, to analyze former successful boycott campaigns and to evaluate the lobby around the issue of settlement goods in USA and Europe, among other things.