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Cizre "The Curfew" report

terça-feira 22 de dezembro de 2015, por ,

Step by step, Cizre was displayed to public as a city that must be exterminated, by the system. The preparations of amassacre has been made.

Thousands of people from Uludere, Beytüşşebap, Roboski, Kumçatı, İdil, Silopi and Şırnak, have earlier today started a march towards Cizre and Silopi, both of which remain under a siege and onslaughtby state forces, . Thecurfew continues for the eight day.

Earlier today, police made announcements from armored vehicles, urging residents to “leave with white flags” after troops failed to enter the neighborhoods where people continue to resist.

Masses walking to Cizre on the foothills of Mount Cudi are being targeted by artillery fire from Hisar Tank Battalion. Even they walk under heavy attack by state forces, many have managed to overcome the barriers of police and military forces put on their way.

HDP deputies Berdan Öztürk, Burcu Çelik and Leyla Birlik are among those who are continuing to walk on Mount Cudi despite being targeted. They warned that the people joining the march could also be targeted by jets as artillery fire continues.

Ongoing tank strikes have demolished a number of houses in the neighborhood.

See the report on the curfew made by a 300 lawyers organizations Committe.

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