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Israel retaliates in Gaza: Sharek offices forcibly shut down

quinta-feira 2 de dezembro de 2010, por Chris Williams,

On Tuesday, 30 November 2010, a police force attacked Sharek Youth Forum’s headquarters in Gaza city.

Without giving any legal justifications, the police forced the staff to abandon the offices across Gaza and hand over the keys. The order was issued by the Attorney General designate in the Gaza Strip judge Mohammad Abed. The forces even closed those offices in Khan Younis and Rafah which are operated by Sharek in partnership with the municipalities.

None of Sharek’s staff or members has ever appeared before any legal or judicial process to justify such an action. Indeed, the decision of the Attorney General is in conflict with the Palestinian Basic Law and the Charitable Societies and NGOs Law No. 1 of 2000. Article 41of the latter states that:

"The closure of any society or organization should be according to a decision issued by a Court of Law."

The ten indictments against Sharek are:
- Promoting democracy and dialogue
- Serving 65,000 children and youth each month
- Promoting the active participation of women and girls
- Economic empowerment of poor and deprived youth
- Reconciliation
- Political Independence
- Enhancing job opportunities
- Capacity building of youth
- Working with boys and girls together
- Promoting creativity and innovation

Sharek Youth Forum has reaffirmed its commitment to all the youth, civil society organizations and the national and democratic parties and individuals who have supported and stood with them unequivocally over the past year. Despite the illegal violations and actions, Sharek is absolutely determined to continue its services to youth in Gaza through all attainable, tested means and never to give up hope in the youth of Gaza and Palestine.

Sharek has issued a call to all its partners and friends, local and international to exert whatever pressure and influence they can to ensure that these demands are met.

[Issued by Board of Directors, Sharek Youth Forum, Jerusalem, 30 November 2010]

Ver online : http://www.sharek.ps