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Not the blockade of Gaza! are supporting the mission to Gaza from December 25

segunda-feira 10 de dezembro de 2012, por Olivia Zémor

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A hundred or so women and men are preparing to travel to the Gaza Strip in late December to show their solidarity with the battered, bombed and ghettoised people of Gaza, who have suffered a dreadful blockade for six years now. It is an unjust and criminal blockade which deprives nearly 2 million women, men and children of just about everything.

The Israeli Occupier transforms the Palestinians’ lives into hell:

Lack of drinking water, medicines, electricity, building materials
Impossibility of movement within the rest of Palestine or into and out of the Gaza Strip
Repeated attacks from Israeli military planes constantly flying over their territory and dropping missiles on the population at any time
That is why we insist on going out there – via Egypt, 4 years to the day after the bloody Israeli attack which resulted in more than 1400 dead, 400 of them children, as well as thousands of injured and mutilated – to say that we have not forgotten and to bring some comfort to these wounded people.

We do not accept this blockade cowardly supported by our governments and we hope that the Morsi government, unlike that of the Moubarak era, will allow the opening of the Rafah border.

We say thank you to all the persons and all the associations who helped us:

- announcing this mission

- helping us collecting medicines which are lacking because of the blockade (see below the list of the medicines, passed on to us by the Gazan health authorities before the latest Israeli bombings)

- offering new methods for learning French, which we are going to bring to the Gazan students

- donating, for us to buy and bring two distractors (one for adults, the other for children, allowing the maxillofacial surgery team of the Shifa hospital in Gaza, to reconstruct jaws from photographs of children’s jaws)

On Saturday 15 December, in many towns of France, replays of the Gaza blockade will be performed in public spaces, so as to explain its consequences for the population, and demand from the French government that it should raise this siege. It has participated too long in this inhuman and totally unjustified isolation. We’ll also present our program in Gaza on these occasions.

Our apologies for not having had time, last week, for the translation into English of our message calling to keep the fight on after the vote at the UN. Here it is. It said :

The moral and diplomatic defeats inflicted upon Israel in recent days, especially in the wake of the recognition of Palestine in the UN, have made the Netanyahu government even more fierce in it’s war against the Palestinian people.

The resistance of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip against the Israeli onslaught, then the defeat of Israel in the United Nations, were rightly perceived as a moral victory of the Palestinian people and its many friends throughout the world.

But we must not lower our guard, because nothing has been resolved, far from it. Colonization and land theft are becoming ever more rampant in the West Bank, while Gaza remains a big open-air prison under siege.

Israel continues to imprison and torture men, women and children, without any prominent human rights organizations filing a complaint against Israeli leaders who violate international law and treaties, including the International Convention against Torture, which gives them the means to take legal action in France and in other countries.

And Mahmoud Abbas has indicated that bringing Israel before the International Criminal Court, as he now has the means after the UN vote, is not a priority!

As for President Francois Hollande, despite being forced to vote "yes" to Palestine gaining observer State status at the UN, he continues to let Israeli impunity go unquestioned. Another example of French cowardice happened on Monday when the Quai d’Orsay (foreign office) feigned to show some muscle, by summoning the Israeli ambassador in Paris, following the announcement of more agression (construction of new settlements, confiscation of Palestinian customs revenues), but the same day retreated and swore that there was never any question of adopting sanctions.

Our struggle for the Palestinian people to be able to live in freedom and security on their land and stop this terrible ethnic cleansing, is as urgent as ever.

In France, we have lots of work to do, given that our government is working on all fronts with the Israeli occupation.
Not only concerning the military, but also in all other areas:

- France continues to import the illegal products of the Israeli occupation
- It participates in the blockade of Gaza
- It collaborates with Israel in preventing French activists traveling to Palestine
- It gives orders to the Public Prosecutor, at the request of the Israeli lobby, to prosecute the men and women who defend the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, as will be the case in Alençon court (Orne) next month

- It closes it’s eyes to the fact that French citizens with dual nationality, commit war crimes while serving in the Israeli occupation army
- It lets MOSSAD criminals operate in our stadiums and airports, effectively replacing the French police
- It allows the impunity of the fascist thugs of the JDL to continue in France

This is why we urge you

* to intensify the BDS campaign, by boycotting fruit and vegetables, fruit juices, baby wipes, TEVA generic medecine, and water fountains of the Israeli brand "Chateau d’Eau", and by calling upon our elected officials and union activists to divest from companies such as Veolia who are directly involved in Israeli settlements.
* to support all the initiatives to break the siege imposed not only to gaza but to all Palestinians

All the best,


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