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Registration for the WSF Free Palestine is open!

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You can do your individual registration now and solve all your doubt about registration of organizations and self-organized events.

Individual registrations are already started for the World Social Forum Free Palestine, to be held from 28
November to 1st December 2012, in Porto Alegre (RS), Brazil. This registration is dedicated to those
people who wants to take part at the different activities at the WSF but that are not delegates of

This is the second phase of registration for the WSF. The first one was opened on 1st October for
organizations interested in promoting self organized events/activities. So far, we have more than 100
registered organizations, from more than 20 countries, and around the same number of pre-registered
events. Registering an organization (NGO, movements and networks) is a mandatory procedure for
registering activities, whose deadline was extended for a few more days until the 22 October (23h59,
Brasilia time). If your organization is interesting in promoting activities, check out all procedures to
ensure it is done on time.

1. Organizations

Registration of organizations that want to organize events, send representatives or delegates must be
done through the online form available on the WSF Free Palestine registration website and the payment
of the organization registration fee which allows until 5 (five) delegates. Only organizations can register
activities. In order to do this, follow the steps below:

a) Register your organization

Access the website http://www.inscricoesfsmpl.rs.gov.br. Select the form "Organization" and, right
after, click the button "New organization".
Register your organization, wait some minutes, then check your email and click on the link received in
order to activate the registration (or copy and paste the link on your web browser). After this
confirmation, come back to the registration website and register your activity/event or participants.
Note: if this message take too long to arrive, check the SPAM box. Some rare times your server blocks
this email. In such cases, register with a different email (type gmail, yahoo, hotmail).

c) Pre-registration of activities/events

A registered organization may propose activity within the axis and general framework of the program.
Self-organized activities means that the WSF FP organizing committee will ensure the venue for the
activity and be responsible for publicizing the activity on the program of the WSF FP. But the
organization who proposes it is responsible for carrying out it, taking care of travel and presence of their
speakers and other related measures.

Attention to the deadline! Activities must be pre-registered until 22 October (23h59, Brasilia local
time). After the registration, the Organizing Committee will have some days to assess the proposals in
face of the available spaces before confirming the activity.

In order to register activities for the WSF-FP, please follow the guideline: after activating registration of
your organization, come back to the website http://www.inscricoesfsmpl.rs.gov.br

Select the form "Activities/events" and enter with the email and password used before, to register the
organization. Follow the instructions on the screen.

1) Registration of delegates (participants linked to the organization)
Each registered organization can also enroll their participants (or delegates). In order to do this, after
receiving the email and activating the organization registration, please return to the website and choose
the form "Participants linked to the organization".
The registration fee for organization allow to register up to five delegates. Additional delegates must pay
a fee equivalent to the individual participant.

2. Individual participants

Individual registration gives the right to the participats to take part a the whole WSF Free Palestine
program (conferences, workshops and cultural events). In order to register, access the same link
http://www.inscricoesfsmpl.rs.gov.br and choose the form “Individual participants”. Fill in the form and
wait for the email to activate the registration.

3. Press

Media professionals who will cover the event may register directly on the website from 16 October on,
also informing the media to which they will be covering the event. Those who are interested in take part
of the shared coverage must authorize the free reproduction of contents through creative commons or
copyleft licenses.

Attention: in order to register media professionals or freelancers, it is compulsory to register first the
name of the media vehicle (which can be a digital media as well). In order to do so, please go to the
website http://www.inscricoesfsmpl.rs.gov.br and select the form "Press/media vehicle". Register the
vehicle, wait some minutes and verify your email with the link to activate the registration. Click on the
link or copy-paste it to your browser. After confirmation, come back to the site and register the media or
freelancer professional.

Note: if this message take too long to arrive, check the SPAM box. Some rare times your server blocks
this email. In such cases, register with a different email (type gmail, yahoo, hotmail).

4. Registration fees

The payment of registration is a political call to self-sustainability of the World Social Forum Free
Palestine, and is a contribution of all organizations and individuals participating in its construction.

Aware of the different payment capacities of its participants in a scenario of economic crisis and
dwindling resources internationally, the Organizing Committee of the WSF Free Palestine has stipulated
different fees that were defined as follows:

- Organizations (entitled to up to 5 delegates): R$ 200 (or US$ 100). If your organization is sending more
than five delegates, you must add extra R$ 20 (or US$ 10) for each additional delegate

- Individuals and additional delegates/participants: R$ 20 (or US$ 10)

- Palestinian Refugees: free

- Trade union confederations : R$ 2.000-5.000 (US$ 1.000-US$ 2.500), according to ability

5. Frequently Asked Questions

1) Individuals can promote activities at the WSF Free Palestine?
No. Only organizations (organizations, movements and networks) previously registered can do so.

2) An activity registered in the program is automatically guaranteed as part of program of the WSF Free

No. There will be a deadline for confirmation and dissemination by the Organizing Committee. It is also
important to note the deadline for payment of the registration fee of the organization, which in the case
of organizations offering activities, is set for November 10.

3) The WSF Organizing Committee offers support for activities registered and confirmed?

The self-organized activities are the responsibility of their proponents. They will be in charge of defining
the format, the names of possible speakers, getting the necessary equipment, as well as of
recording/keeping the memory of the activity after the event. The Organizing Committee of the World
Social Forum Free Palestine (WSF FP) will ensure the venue for the activity and be responsible for
publicizing the activity on the site and in the program of the WSF FP.

4) What is a self-managed activity?
It is an activity conducted following the principles of the WSF Free Palestine but under responsibility of
organization(s) that have registered the event and which define its dynamics and use their own
resources to carry it out.

5) Is it possible to merge several activities into one?
The Organizing Committee will examine and consult the organizations responsible for the registered
activities in order to suggest possible convergences.

6) There will be accommodation and meals for the participants?
All expenses for lodging and meals shall be borne by the own participants. The Organizing Committee
facilitates the search of accommodation indicating on the site a list of hotels and inexpensive hostels
(see list of hotels at http://www.wsfpalestine.net/pt-br/accommodation). To monitor interest in
solidarity accommodation (at the home of the activists in Porto Alegre), send an e-mail to
logistics@wsfpalestine.net indicating in the subject: "solidarity accommodation"

7) Are journalists and media outlets paying registration fees?
There is no mandatory fee, but a call for donation to support the sustainability of the WSF Free

8) When and how the payment of the registration should be done?
Payment for registration can be done now! To pay the registration, follow the guidelines below:

a) Deposit the amount corresponding to the registration fee in the following account:

Banco do Brasil

Branch number: 3344-8

Account number: 23447-8


Organization responsible: CUT - Central Única dos Trabalhadores
Address: Rua Caetano Pinto no 575 – Brás - São Paulo SP - Brasil - cep: 03041-000

IBAN: International Bank Account Number: 001334480000234478


Alternatively, the registration fee for foreigners can be paid via a bank deposit to the Banco do Brasil
upon your arrival to Porto Alegre. The proof of payment can be presented during the accreditation or in
the days before, at the WSF Free Palestine office.

b) Send a fax to +55 11 2108 9310 or to the email registration@wsfpalestine.net with a copy of proof
deposit, specifying your registration number given above, on the subject of this message.
Bring your proof of the bank deposit because it will be asked for during the accreditation.
Note: there is no possibility of reimbursing registration fees.


Visit the WSF program on site www.wsfpalestine.net

Communication: prensa@wsfpalestine.net

National Executive Secretariat: secretaria.fspl@gmail.com : (11) 2108-9299

Local Secretariat: tel poa@wsfpalestine.net.: (51) 32213521

Palestinian Organizing Committee: samahd@pngo.net

International Committee: feroz@alternatives-international.net

website: www.wsfpalestine.net

hashtag: #wsfpalestine