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Release Kurdish political refugee in Europe Yilmaz Orkan

domingo 31 de março de 2013, por ,

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Public statement of the WSF International Council organizations demands freedom for the Kurdish representative

We, following organizations participating in the World Social Forum (WSF) in Tunis 2013, CONDEMN the arrestation of YILMAZ ORKAN happened in the international airport of Brussels last Sunday 24th March 2013. He was on the way to come to the WSF.

YILMAZ ORKAN is a member of the International Council of the WSF, he’s among the Kurdish Network and the Worldwide network of collective rights of peoples (RMDCP).

This arrestation has been ordered by Spanish state requested by the Europol, and is under an accusation that he’s among the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) which is on EU’s list of terrorist’s organizations.

We denounce this practice as a tool of a criminalization of the Kurdish peoples struggle for their basics rights in the Republic of Turkey and Middle East!

Yilmaz Orkan is well known on international level for many years as a person who struggles for solidarity, democracy, peace and dignity and against peoples oppression and exploitation.

We DEMAND from the Belgian state to release IMMEDIATELY YILMAZ ORKAN!