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Six Palestinians killed in Israeli military operations

domingo 22 de junho de 2014, por Ahmad Jaradat,

Six Palestinians were killed due to Israeli military operations in the West Bank over the past three days last three days in the West Bank as a large scale Israeli army search and arrest operation enters its second week under the guise of searching for the settlers who went missing on Thursday June 12.

Photo: VOA/Israeli troops in the northern West Bank village of Kabatiya on 22 June

21 year old Mustafa Aslan was killed in the Qalandia refugee camp, south of Ramallah, when protesting Israeli operations within the camp on Friday June 20. On the same day, 14 year old Mahmoud Dudeen was shot dead in Dura, a Palestinian town south of Hebron.

35 years old Ahmad Khalid was shot dead on Sunday when on his way to pray at the mosque in the Al-Ein refugee camp in Nablus. According to eyewitnesses, soldiers asked Khalid to return back home, but he refused and insisted on walking to the mosque. At this point, a soldier pointed his rifle at him and shot him several times from point-blank range.

Also on Sunday, a young man, Mahmoud Ismail Atallah, was found dead on the roof of a commercial building opposite to another building where Israeli snipers were stationed. It is believed that a sniper shot Atallah, and that he bled for hours before his body was found.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said that the military was still "reviewing" the incident.

On Saturday, an elderly man died of heart attack during a heated argument with Israeli troops, who broke into his house in the village of Hares, north of Salfit. The soldiers refused to allow family members to evacuate him to hospital.

Sakher Dorgham Zaamel Abu al-Hasan, a 17-year-old boy, died on Saturday after stepping on a land-mine in the northern Jordan Valley as he was tending sheep in the area of al-Maleh.

According to an interview with a senior officer in the Israeli army, conducted by the Jewish ultra orthodox news portal “Behadrei Haredim” (http://www.bhol.co.il/article_old.aspx?id=69765), the army is using the missing teens as an excuse to carry out the operation against Hamas. Moreover, the officer revealed that the army enters villages and refugee camps with the objective of creating provocations that will lead Palestinians to throw stones, after which snipers can then shoot at them.

At least nine Palestinians were injured in several areas throughout the northern West Bank’s Nablus district and sections of the city of Nablus itself on Friday. A majority of those injured were hit by rubber-coated steel bullets. Journalist Samah Samahna, a reporter from Ajyal Radio, was injured in the
eye when soldiers beat her during her work in Nablus. The soldiers asked her not cover the army operation in the area. Several Palestinians sustained serious injuries, including Mohammed Al Asmer, 17, who was injured in the neck and Ahmed Al Wazni, 19, who was hit in the leg. Both were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Twelve Palestinians were arrested in the southern West Bank district of Hebron early Saturday morning, as Israeli troops invaded several towns and villages in the area including Sa’er, Yatta, Taffouh, Halhoul and numerous parts of Hebron city.

At least ten Palestinians were hit by rubber-coated steel bullets in the Hebron-area village of Al Bera on Friday, as soldiers entered the area and conducted house to house searches.

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