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From 09 to 14/08/2016 - Towards WSF 2016, everywhere and Montreal

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WSF 2016 will take place from 9 to 14 August 2016, with over 50 000 people in Montreal, and with extended participation in the world around these dates, with the unifying slogan “Another world is necessary, together, it becomes possible ‘.

WSF 2016 offers an “open space” for gathering of global civil society, where we can share experiences, analyzes, and initiatives. This process starts from now!

The WSF 2016 facilitation Collective extends from Montreal a warm invitation to all individuals, organizations, and networks working on the construction of another possible world, to prepare for their participation in the upcoming global event. To allow a broad and inclusive participation, activities WSF 2016 will take place in Montreal, or outside of Montreal (with the ability to interconnect via internet).

WSF success in Montreal and the world will be the fruit of a collective effort! If you wish to contribute from your area to this adventure, the facilitation Collective offers from now on different forms of involvement: Creating committees to support geographical participation, mobilization of local and international networks, preparation of activities for the WSF 2016, in Montreal, or outside Montreal … All initiatives are welcome!

In solidarity!

WSf2016 Facilitation Collective – Mobilization Working group

contact : info at fsm2016.org

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