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WSF Newsletter, October 28th 2010

sexta-feira 29 de outubro de 2010, por WSF News/Noticias FSM ,

Boletim FSM

October 29th 2010




- World Education Forum in Palestine



- Nigeria Social Forum

- Human Rights Forum in Mauritania

- 10th Conference and World Assembly of AMARC

- Week against the Apartheid Wall and Media Marathon

- Foro Internacional de Tierras

- V Pan-Amazon Social Forum



- Thematic World Education Forum on Education, Research and Culture of Peace

- Forum on Immigration in Brussels




- 2011 World Social Forum



- São Paulo Social Forum


Public Consultation reorientates the thematic axes of Dakar


After several contributions, the 11 proposed thematic axes, which will give structure to the physical space of the World Social Forum, which will take place in Dakar on February 06th-11th 2011, received modifications and also a new axis, the twelfth. From now on, you and/or organization can articulate and propose your activity focusing on one of them. Registration will be open soon. Read more



Social Movements are getting ready for the 2011 WSF

On November 5-7, delegates from several social movements will be gathered in Dakar, Senegal, in order to share and debate on the process of articulations done until this moment, aiming to strengthen the Global and African coordination among those who fight against capitalist globalization, give a step forward in the analysis and alternatives to this context, as well to prepare the Social Movements Assembly. The methodology of the Social Movements Seminar will contain guiding issues that will be discussed between them and the creation of a common agenda, as well the formation of a facilitating group of movements for the centralized edition of the Forum in 2011. Check out the program. Read more


Strategies Debate

Check out the new articles on the strategies of movements and events taking part of the WSF Process in this year towards Dakar:

Debates of Events

Ten Years Later: Challenges and Proposals for Another World Possible

II Foro Social de Estados Unidos continúa ganando fuerza (in Spanish only)

Social Movements Assembly Declaration from the Americas Social Forum

Protagonismo Popular Latinoamericano (in Spanish only)

Thematic Strategies Debates

Contribution of Hee-Yeon Cho to the WSF Debate

Estamos viviendo una profunda Crisis Civilizatoria (in Spanish only)

Send your contribution to fsminfo@forumsocialmundial.org.br. Articles are posted on the 2010 WSF Take Part section, on the Towards Dakar website: http://fsm2011.org/en/strategies-debate. The space is going to be conducted by social movements and citizens who take part on the World Social Forum process.


World Education Forum in Palestina: Follow!


Follow the event that will be held on October 28-30 in four cities, one territory and three countries: Ramallah and Gaza (Palestina), Haifa (Israel), Beirut (Lebanon) and Jerusalem. Live streaming.

Official website
http://wef-palestine.org/ and live streaming: http://wef-palestine.org/video/schedule.


Radio Social Forums


Virtual Media Center


Pan-Amazon Forum: Registration open until November 7th

Registration of self-organized activities will be open until November 7th. The type of activity will be up to the group/person responsible for organizing it – seminar, lecture, debate, workshop, round dance etc – but they should be part of the thematic axes. The thematic axes are distributed this way: 1) In defense of Mother Earth (Development and Living Well); 2) Power to Pan-Amazon Peoples: autonomy and territory; 3) Human Rights (Dhescas)
; 4) Culture, Communication and Popular Education. Read more

Photo: Lucas Lacaz (Ciranda)



Week against the Apartheid Wall

To mark this year’s Week against the Apartheid Wall from 9 - 16 November, Palestinian and international activists will again mobilize in the streets and organize a series of events across the globe. This mobilization on the ground will be complemented by a fast paced 48 hour media marathon on 12 and 13 November. We call on media to join 48 hours non-stop coverage! Stop the Wall Campaign, in cooperation with Ciranda, Foro Social de Radios, WSFTV, shared communication initiatives and alternative media. We call on media to join 48 hours non-stop coverage by broadcasting, airing, streaming or publishing information about the Wall, Israeli Apartheid and Palestinian resistance and global BDS movement. Read more

Photo: Divulgation

Community Radios, key players for global citizenship

The 10th World Conference and Assembly of AMARC will be held in South America for the first time. The host city will be La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 08-13 2010. The meeting will gather over 500 community radio broadcasters from all over the world. Community rádios are experiences of participation, through microphones, of local, interest, territorial or language communities. They are different experiences sharing in common the search for an alternative treatment to themes that shapes a citizen. Read more


 Coverage of the Right to Food and Food Sovereignty Forum

With the theme “Democracy must feed the citizens”, the Right to Food and Food Sovereignty Forum, which took place on October 16-18 in Niamei (Niger), has gathered more than one thousand participants. Access photos, videos and articles on the event: www.alternativeniger.org.




Event: World Education Forum
October 28-31
Contact info:
Marjon Goetinck - marjon@wef-palestine.org
Website: http://wef-palestine.org/

Event: Nigeria Social Forum
Local: Benin City
Data: November 2nd-5th
Contact: John Patrick Ngoyi – jpngoyi2004@yahoo.co.uk

Event: Human Rights Forum in Mauritania
Date: November 5th-7th
Location: Nuaquechote (Mauritânia)
Contacts: Kamal Lahbib - lahbib_2006@menara.ma / Hamouda Soubhi - hsoubhi@alternatives.ca / Mohamed Ghatas - fmas@menara.ma 

Event: 10th Conference and World Assembly of AMARC
La Plata, Argentina
November 8-13
Contact info:
http://amarc10.org / http://amarc10.amarc.org

Event: Week against the Apartheid Wall and Media Marathon 

Location: Global
Date: November 9-16 and November 12-13

Contact info: Week: Gemma - gemma@stopthewall.org / Marathon: Hilde and Soraya - bds@ciranda.net
Website: http://stopthewall.org/latestnews/2361.shtml and http://www.ciranda.net/mot169

Event: Foro Internacional de Tierras
Quito, Equador
November 9-10
Contact info:

Event: V Pan-Amazon Social Forum
Location: Santarém, Brazil
Date: November 25th-29th
Contact: contato@forumsocialpanamazonico.org
Website: www.forumsocialpanamazonico.org

Event: Thematic World Education Forum on Education, Research and Culture of Peace
Location: Santiago de Compostela (Galicia)
Data: December 10th-13th
Contact: T: 981 554 053 / 981 561 956 / paz@sgep.org
Website: www.foro2010.org

Event: Forum on Immigration in Brussels
Date: December 17-19
Contact: Kamal Lahbib - lahbib_2006@menara.ma / Hamouda Soubhi - hsoubhi@alternatives.ca / Mohamed Ghatas - fmas@menara.ma


Event: 2011 World Social Forum
Location: Dakar (Senegal)
Date: February 06-11
Contact: Secretariat of African Social Forum Council - asf@africansocialforum.org / National Secretariat of the Organizing Committee - secretariat@fsm2011.org
Website: http://fsm2011.org/

Event: São Paulo Social Forum
Location: São Paulo (Brazil)
Date: May
Contact: fssp2011@gmail.com 

 WSF Online




a) International Ciranda of Independent Information

Ciranda is an initiative taken by participants of the WSF that work together in order to organize shared coverage of events from the standpoint, work and solidarity and collective actions of alternative media. Currently, articles on the coup d'Etat in Honduras are featured on the website. Read more

b) Radio Social Forum

Learn more on the Radio Social Forum, a space shared by the radio broadcasters participating in the World Social Forum process, which produces free information on radio broadcast format. Read more

c) Open FSM

Get to know the social network that gathers activists and militants of all around the world identified with the WSF Charter of Principles. This open virtual space allows the exchange of information and the realization of debates between the participants of the Forum process and those who are interested. Read more


The website WSF TV keeps on exhibiting audiovisual productions related to themes of the World Social Forum. This internet portal can be used to host videos recorded by any person or organization identified with the WSF Charter of Principles.Read more

e) Virtual Media Center

A Virtual Press Room created to contribute to the 2010 World Social Forum Process as one of the references for journalists / means of communication to follow the events happening towards the 2011 WSF in Dakar. In it you will find press kits, news, releases in several languages, clipping, and also material as symbols and other high-resolution images. Read more

To send any content suggestions and/or receive the WSF newsletter please write to fsmsite @ forumsocialmundial.org.br with "SUGGESTION" and/or "REGISTRATION" on the subject line.

WSF Office - Brazil
Rua General Jardim, 660, 7th floor, São Paulo, SP, Brasil, 01223-010