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Registration for the WSF Free Palestine is open!

You can do your individual registration now and solve all your doubt about registration of organizations and self-organized events.

Israel prevents Palestinian-Venezuelans from voting

Hundreds of Palestinians with Venezuelan nationality went to the representative office to cast their votes, but found that Israeli authorities had not delivered the ballots to Ramallah

The massacre of our illusions …and the seeds of something new

Marikana now joins the ranks of the Sharpeville and Boipatong massacres in the odious history of a method of capital accumulation based on violence.

A Mineworker’s Wage: The only argument against the R12 500 is greed.

If Marikana workers win their demand of R12 500 and this victory is generalised in the mining sector, the graph shows a tremendous decline in the sector’s wage gap to 135 to 1. Although still high, given the uniformly high executive pay in mining, the result is that it would bring the wage gap in line with other sectors.

WSF Free Palestine

Protesters demand justice for Rachel Corrie