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Seeking Justice through Music

terça-feira 7 de julho de 2020, por Ciranda.net,

On the links given below you could watch videos and listen to songs, both new and old, and feel inspired & energized too.

Hashtag Justice by Arivu

Neelam, You Tube, July 04, 2020


Fight The Power: 11 Powerful Protest Songs Advocating For Racial Justice

Ashley M. Coleman, Grammys, June 19, 2020


From Childish Gambino’s "This Is America" to James Brown’s "Say It Loud," these racial justice protest anthems demonstrate the ongoing—and still deeply relevant—sound of activism

Fellows offer musical tributes against injustice and racism

Marci Falvey, New World Symphony, June 19, 2020


In the month since George Floyd’s murder, our country’s collective sadness and outrage has fueled a cry for justice, reflection and change. Music is a powerful tool to give voice to emotional traumas, promote healing and inspire action. NWS applauds these Fellows and alumni for using their voices and platforms to bring attention and comfort to those fighting injustices, and for publicly declaring their support of Black Lives Matter.

All the New Protest and Benefit Music Released in Response to Police Brutality

Justin Curto, Vulture, June 11, 2020


Throughout American history, protest has been channeled through music, from the folk of the ’60s to the hip-hop of the ’80s and ’90s. While the nation continues to protest the police killings of unarmed black people — including George Floyd in Minneapolis, who formerly rapped with Houston’s DJ Screw in the ’90s, along with Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and countless others — musicians have turned to their form to express grief and rage.

Zeshan B On ’Melismatic’ And Creating Music That Champions Brown Power

Lulu Garcia-Navarro and Peter Breslow, NPR, June 07, 2020


Zeshan Bagewadi is in many ways, a classic soul singer. As Zeshan B, he channels the music of Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding. His signature, though, is combining that classic soul sound with lyrics that pay tribute to his South Asian roots. On his latest album, Melismatic, his first collection of entirely original compositions, he sings in both English and Urdu.

You can never break me! - SUMEET SAMOS’ mind-blowing rap song!

Neelam, You Tube, April 02, 2019

You can never break me! - SUMEET SAMOS’ mind-blowing rap song!