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Members of people’s parlement were arrested in Nairobi

terça-feira 13 de março de 2007, por ,

Photo: Frineia Rezende

As we speak, it is becoming clear why the members of people’s parliament were roughed up, mercilessly beaten yesterday, arrested and are being illegally detained at Central police station.

It’s related to Green Jeevanjee Gardens Park.

It’s 11:30AM, approximately 20 hours since the arrest of 56 members of people’s parliament from the Jeevanjee Gardens yesterday. The current situation is as follows:

Of the 56 arrested members, 32 members are still in custody. The others have been granted bail. Of concern is the condition of 5 members who were injured during the arrest, especially of one of the members who is said to have been badly injured and unconscious for more than 30 minutes and is still in custody.

Activists are still camped at the police station waiting to see the people in custody. By the time of this email no person has been seen, although there is presently a heavy
presence of police both within and outside Jeevanjee Gardens.

Please work as fast as you can. In our experience, the town clerk ordinarily needs only one or two days to do irreversible damage. Action must be taken today if any positive results are to be realized.

We urgently need people to do the following:

1. Contact the Kenyan Embassy in your country and demand for the immediate release of all members of Bunge la Mwananchi(People’s Parliament) who were arrested at the Jeevanjee Gardens today 10th, March 2007, 32 of whom are currently still being illegally detained at the Central Police Station in Nairobi;

2. Demand the arrest of the City Council officers who were responsible for beating and injuring 5 members of People’s Parliament;

3. Demand that the government of Kenya stops, with immediate effect, the concerted effort to harrass members of People’s Parliament;

4. Contact your own government and demand that your government stops supporting the Kenyan government. Your taxes should not be used to aid in the harrassment of poor Kenyans by a government that is so afraid to lose
the election that it no longer tolerates discussions amongst the citizens;

5. Send faxes and email in solidarity to the following offices:

HON. Mwai Kibaki, The president of Kenya
Email: president@statehousekenya.go.ke

HON. MUSIKARI KOMBO, Minister, Local government
TEl:+ 254 20 217475
FAX: +254 20 337 960
(Responsible for the City Council officers)

BRIGADIER HUSSEIN ALI, Commissioner of Police
Tel: +254 20 341411

The Nation Media Group (local media)
Fax: +254 20 213 946

The Standard Group(local media)
+254 20 213108
Email: editorial@eastandard.net

We thank you all for your continued support! A luta Continua!

For and on Behalf of People’s Parliament:

WANGUI MBATIA: (+254 722 74 75 75), + 254 20 204 0192
P. O. Box 22708-00100
HASSAN INDUSA (+254 723 489 463),
WAMBUGU MWAI (+254 733 248 301)
TERRENCE NJOROGE (+254 727 881 926)


Kenyan High Commission
45 Portland Place, London W1N 4AS
TEL: 020 7636 2371/5 FAX: 020 7323 6717


(202) 387-6101
(202) 462-3829
Mailing Address:
Embassy of the Republic of Kenya
2249 R Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008 U.S.A.

Embassy of the Republic of Kenya,
Via Archimede, 164,
00197, Rome. Italy
Tel.: (+39) 06-8082717/8
Fax: (+39) 06-8082707


Embassy of Kenya in the Hague, Netherlands
21 Nieuwe Parklaan
2597 LA The Hague
The Netherlands
City: the Hague
Phone: (+31)70- 3504215