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Tribunal of the People

domingo 23 de abril de 2006, por Redação,

A simulated judgment, happened in the area of the tent, condemned the
president of the United States of America, George W. Bush, for his crimes of
war, in the first day of the II Brazilian Social Forum. Attended for
approximately 400 people, the “Tribunal of the People” accused Bush, among
other points, to disrespect the human rights, the international laws, the
iraqian people sovereignty, and torture by the American Army.
The Event still gave solidarity to the Iraqian resistance, to the Afghan
people, Cuba and Venezuela, supporting, also, the president of this last
one, Hugo Chavez, and its Bolivarian Revolution. The event still denounced,
the United States military wall of the Brazilian borders, mainly the
Amazônia, with military bases.