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Social Movements have declared that another world is possible and America is on its way.

quarta-feira 1º de setembro de 2010, por Terezinha Vicente , Terezinha Vicente

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The last day of the Americas Social Forum has been chosen by the Social Movement Assembly for a meeting to conclude the "agreement to carry on fighting".

Photo: Rita Ronchetti

The last day of the Social Forum has been chosen by the Social Movement Assembly for a meeting to conclude the "agreement to carry on fighting". Stated Nalu Faria, from World March of Women (Brazil) during the final declaration of the 4th SMA in Assunção Paraguay. She and Joel Suárez Rodés, from Centro Memorial Dr. Martin Luther King Jr/Cuba conducted a lively meeting for the movements’ present at the 4th Forum of the Americas.

There was a large woman participation, be it from World March of Women, Via Campesina, Articulação de Mulheres Brasileiras, or Indígenas. This 4th edition of the continental Forum mobilized various social and worker organizations. Such as the MST (union movement) - the CUT (local) and the CUT, cooperatives, agroecologists, ecumenicalism sector, students, academics from various fields and artists. Standing out was still the large number of independent media and communitarians all working solitarily. In addition to the individual reporters with their many cameras, are the images that they will take home with them.

Fighting, shouting, people’s power

At the Assembly, the agreements were many, and the packed Sports Centre showed support towards the movement’s struggles. The words of the document were sung to every important theme. Such themes include - the defense of mother earth, its natural richness and all of the life present, as well as, the concept of living well. Brought and protected by the indigenous ancestors and by this forum. This is the basis for every solution and fighting proposal.

The search for another paradigm based on solidarity and harmony between peoples radicalizes the struggles against the false solutions provided by climate change. The new "green" capitalist investments against militarization, coup d’état, criminalization of social movements, agrarian pension, respect for nature, family and rural farming, sovereignty of people, politics, food, energetics, and a woman’s autonomy over her body and life.

We globalize the fight

Another strong point in the final declaration in Assunção, was the solidarity with the people of Honduras and Haiti present during the original document. And also to the people of Palestine who were once again attacked by the UN. The assembly denounces the strike in Honduras and is supporting its people who resist bravely. It also supports the people of Haiti and demands that military presence in that country be removed.

The Social Movement Assembly calls for a final fight plan, which includes some key dates. For activists all around the world in search of new paradigms like: living together between peoples, the preservation of life without using the means of violence, exploitation and destruction, the understanding of democratization and communication, technologies and ancestral knowledge, living together with diversity through peace and harmony. Radically manifesting in unison for building another America.

Fights and mobilizations calendar, which an undertaking is assumed by the 4th SMA
August 23 – Solidarity Day for the Women and Peoples of Columbia and the Americas that fight against the militarization

7th to the 17th of October - Week of Action in Defense of Mother Earth, against the mercantilization of life/ Global Actions against militarization/ Actions against debt, the IFIs, the World Bank and unfair work

October 7 –World Day for Decent Work

October 12 – Grito dos Excluídos

October 8th to the 16th - V Congresso da CLOC/VC

October 8th to the 12th - Social Forum on Migrations – Quito – Ecuador

October 12th – Day of Action on Climate Change

October 15th - Days Journey with Haiti - stop the economic and military occupation

October 17th – international day in solidarity with the women who live in a region of conflict
November 29th to December 7th - Global Actions against the untrue solutions for climatic change (previously the COP16 in Cancun, Mexico)

And for 2011

January 12th - Day’s journey of Solidarity with the Haitian people