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Education for Liberation/Liberation for Education

sexta-feira 15 de outubro de 2010, por Feroz Mehdi,


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Hotel City Inn


October 29, 2010

Inaugural session:

Education for Liberation/Liberation for Education

1 to 3 PM

Oppression never goes away unless there is resistance. And resistance is knowledge, empowerment, capacities. Transforming the world and liberating humanity from colonialism, racism and exploitation requires a struggling and learned people. Therefore education is an indispensable tool for liberation. At the same time, education is what liberation is about, i.e. what it wants to achieve. Educated people are able to build a new society, liberated from ignorance, poverty and humiliation.

Resource persons:

  • Ronald Cameron, former president of the Teachers Federation (Quebec)
  • Gustave Massiah, IPAM
  • Vinod Raina, People’s Science Movement (India)
  • Rita Giacaman, Women and Health research Center at Birzeit University (Palestine)
  • Refaat Sabah (TCC)
  • Michael Warschawsky (AIC)
  • Mireille Fanon (France, Frantz Fanon Foundation)

Towards an International Forum on Food Sovereignty in Haiti

3 to 4 PM

Food Sovereignty is a concept that recognizes the rights of populations to define their food and agricultural policies. Food Sovereignty is based on the needs of populations and their environment and NOT based on the rules on international markets. In Haiti, as huge resources are to be injected for the “reconstruction”, the International Forum on Food Sovereignty will gather Peasants movements and civil society groups around a action plan to promote Food Sovereignty in Haiti, the Caribbean and the World.

Resource Persons:

  • Michel Lambert, Alternatives Montreal
  • Camille Chalmers, PAPDA Haiti
  • Mireille Fanon, President Frantz Fanon Foundation

Alternatives International

Program, Perspectives and Challenges

4 to 5 PM

Alternatives International has been consolidating and contributing to the ongoing debates and actions in the alter globalist movement. It has undertaken many politically important initiatives such as the holding of the Maghreb Social Forum, initiating the World Education Forum in Palestine. Functionally it is increasingly coherent in its actions and communications. It takes out journals in several languages with analysis on the political, social and cultural issues. What is it program, challenges and strategies for the future?

Resource Persons:

  • Pierre Beaudet
  • Refaat Sabah (Palestine)
  • Kamal Lahbib
  • Hamouda Soubhi
  • Sergio Yahni

Meeting of the Board of Governors

Alternatives International

5 to 7 PM


With Palestinian organizers and International guests

7 to 9 PM