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The next steps of the World Social Forum

Interview with Carminda Mac Lorin

quarta-feira 29 de janeiro de 2014, por Christian Schroeder,

In December 2012 the International Council - the main body of the World Social Forum (WSF) - had a meeting in Casablanca where the present members took the decision that the next WSF will take place in Tunis (Tunisia) in 2015. Afterwards the WSF will be organized for the first time in the "global north" in Quebec (Canada) in 2016. The two future organizers of the upcomming WSF Events in Tunisia and Canada should now start working togehter, says Carminda Mac Lorin (member of the collective to organize the next WSF in Quebec (Kanada), interviewed at the opening march of the Thematic Social Forum in Porto Alegre, 23 of January 2014. Watch the full interview now... (Video by Nelson Pombo)