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"Presenças": free media activist for another world is possible

domingo 2 de fevereiro de 2014, por Esther Carrera, Michele Torinelli , Nelsinho Pombo Liliana Lopez

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Exhibition in honor of the free media activist who fell in the struggle for freedom and social justice.(Traducción: Esther Carrera)

The inauguration of the exhibition “Presencias”, opens the international seminar of the World Forum of Free Media, in Porto Alegre (RS). The exhibition, produced in collaboration with the International Communication Shared Round, honors activists and free media advocates of freedom of expression from various countries who fell in the struggle for a new way of communication in a new possible word. “Presencias” was displayed in Tunisia during the 2013 World Social Forum and now returns to Brazil. "Once again, an exciting time," said Bia Barbosa, a member of “Intervoces”.

Rita Freire and Elenara Iabel Barbosa delivered the exhibit to Mauri Cruz, who receives it on behalf of the FSM Memorial

The panels were donated to the World Social Forum Memorial and can be seen in the “Usina del Gasometro” until the 26th. Unusually, the panels are arranged on the floor surrounded by flowers of gratitude and hope, in an "analogy to how the stories of those people must arrive and be received, in general, for whoever comes into contact with them, because thinking about how it should be, this is the kind of act that requires a pause, a moment, attention and finally an analysis and a reflection. It must be place in the middle of the visitors way ­ literally ­ for that pause , that attention and that reflection, to exists " believes Elenara Iabel Barbosa.

"This exhibition is always very emotional. Tells the story of the people from whom we learned to take the path for a the independent media. The exhibit is taken place at the WSF Memorial in Porto Alegre so that the stories about the possibility of building another world and the conquest of a necessary communication are explained together to the persons who will arrive to change and improve everything again”, explains Rita Freire of International Communication Shared Round. The exhibition opened on Thursday 22nd in Porto Alegre and it was received by Mauri Cruz, member of the WSF International Council, and will be incorporated into the WSF Memorial heritage.

View a photograph teaser from the exhibition:

Vídeo de Nelson Pombo Jr - Ciranda - IMEL