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From Palestine to Brazil: your protests give us the confidence that the victory is coming.

segunda-feira 28 de julho de 2014, por Omar Assaf, Rita Freire

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Message to all the brazilian people who are organizing protests and demonstration of solidarity with people of Gaza Strip

Demonstration in São Paulo. Photo: Rita Casaro

From There, Under the destroyed buildings due to bombing of American f16’s used by the Israeli invaders, Hearingthe children’s pain under the destructed neighborhoods, the tears of assassinated or grieving women for the loss of son, daughter, husband or bother, someone close to them got killed by the Israeli military with International forbidden bombs. From the heart of the continuous siege for more than 7 years, and from the will of the people who want to live after they were displaced from their homeland.But these people know Palestine; their homeland.

The catastrophe we address here in Palestine 700 martyrs and more than 5000 wounded in the last few days,we shout out loud through our fight for freedom and greet those who fight for peace and freedom standing and supportingPalestinian people and defending themselves refusing Zionist attacks against our people in Gaza, and we salute all the facilities and parties working to stop the attack in Gaza where governments observe and do not act against Israeli war crimes. We value your stand our colleagues in Brazil and your stand in the face of injustice and colonialism since the protests you organize give our people under attack in Gaza strip confidence that the victory is coming.

Long live our fight against colonialism and against the attacks
Long live The world social forum Freedom to all societies and people looking for freedom

Omar Assaf

Member of the National Palestinian Committee for Social Forum Free Palestine