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Communication’s rights

WFFM opens in Tunis, with the first major WSF debates

domingo 22 de março de 2015, por ,

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Communication is a struggle of every social movement. Therefore, the World Forum of Free Media reaffirms its deep connection with the World Social Forum. Event starts this Sunday and continues throughout WSF until the 28th, promoting debates on right to communication, public media, community radio stations and future of the Internet. Check message and WFFM program.

Foto: Arriving for the WFFM - Gilmar Campos

Towards the IV World Forum on Free Media
In the World Social Forum process

(A call and a thanks message)

The WFFM goes to the IV centralized Edition in Tunis, which is the result of a huge effort of dialogue, coordination between organizations of countries on several continents. Among the issues which cause greater degree of coordination through its process, with developements on local and international actions in 2015, there are the Internet governance, regulation of communication, protection of community radios and the construction of the World Free Media Charter.
Since the roots planted in 2009 in Belém, the WFFM process is closely connected to the WSF process, contributing to its permanent construction between events, and acting in such an intense way. Inside the WFFM, international shared coverages of the WSF event are organized, aside workshops and training on free technologies in hacklab, documentaries on the theme of communication for social movements in the Cine Medios Libres and exhibitions that contribute to greater appropriation of communication struggles for everyone.

Organizations participating in the WFFM are committed to make the fundamental communication debates inside the programming of the WSF, prromoting self-organized activities and jointly convening the Convergence Assembly for the Right to Communication.

The convergence in favor of communication struggles - whether the real democratization of Internet governance, with our direct participation, civil society, whether the struggles of small community media for the right to existence without repression - is what leads us to urge everyone to the joint construction of the WFFM process.

We thank the Organizing Committee of the WSF 2015 and the oranizations of the Maghreb Mashreq for the partnership and joint building WFFM territoryt, as well as the attention of the WSF International Council to WFFM process. The four international seminars held in 2014 were set at the IC meeting in Casablanca, 2013, determining a year of intense work.

The walk from the WFFM requires us to a growing and challenging joint effort by different free media engaged in the WSF process , as much as the so-called fields of communication. Because there are no such isolated fields. The right to communicate is the right of every struggle to express themselves and interact with the society. What is called free media is the voice of social movement in any medium, through the radio waves or optical fibers in convergence. It is the media under direct and participatory management of the society and to its favor. It is a struggle of the whole World Social Forum field.

We thank each organization that has made its targeted or regionalised projects for the right to communication a possibility of enhancing the joint and several construction of WFFM Today we can joinly call to another WFFM.

We invite everybody to be with us for the days of work that will unfold the Fourth Edition of the WFFM, 22 to 28 March,- crossing and integrating the whole WSF - and to help us making effective the actions convened from this process.

Walking with social struggles for another possible world is what inspires us.
Thank you

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