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The black youth are being killed in Rio de Janeiro

terça-feira 1º de dezembro de 2015, por Rizza Matos,

Last Saturday (November, 29) the police murdered five youth black when they were go back to their houses in Costas Barros, one favela in Rio.

The city of Rio de Janeiro is very meeting because your beautiful beaches, music a lot and friendly people. On the Saturdays many people go out their house for to fun at the music bars, theater movies, restaurants or just stay on the streets for conversation and good times. The most entertainment options happen in the south zone of Rio, where most rich people live, but at the same time in the north zone people are murdered by the police. It is hard to imagine, but it really happens in Rio.

Last Saturday (November, 29) the police murdered five youth black when they were go back to their houses in Costas Bastos, one favela in Rio. The neighbors told for local newspaper after the crime, the police took the keys from the driver’s hand and left in in his hand a weapon.“ The police changed the crime scene for to forge that these youth were criminal persons” told one neighbors for Media Coletiva website.

The dead youth were childhood friends between 16 years and 20 years old. On that Saturday night they went to celebrate the first time that one of them had gotten paid in a new job. The police were arrested after the neighborhood put up on social medias photos and videos showing the dead youth.

How is happens?

The Costa Bastos in one among hundreds of favelas in Rio. These places often are controlled by criminal groups that are constantly at war against the police. But the police many times when enter in favelas killer the good people without any explanation or reason. In Brazil the people use one phrase for this situation: “the police shoot first, then they ask”.

In the report by The Amnesty International, “You killed my son”, the organization showed that just between January and August of 2015, 459 people were killed by police in the city of Rio. The report is based on Publicly available information. The report also evaluated the number of registered cases of killings by police between 2010 and 2013. The report showed that among the victims, 99.5% victims were men, 79% were black and 75% were between the ages of 15 and 29.

The approach taken by the police is wrong, with military courts, who supposedly have oversight, taking a blind eye to police actions. Many times corrupt policemen continue to work in these places. In this situation, the war against the drugs is not effective, because how the police conduct operations causes many tragedies for favela communities. Because these people are living in between two repressive forces, which are the criminal groups and the State.

This situation won’t stop in Rio, because many of the police actions are focused on security for the Olympics, which are scheduled for next year in Rio. So, while the Rio city government tries to show a good image of the city, many people are continuing to be killed in the poor areas of the city.