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ETA announced on the 7th April that it had...

domingo 9 de abril de 2017, por Ciranda.net,

handed over the responsibility of its weapons to Basque Civil Society. (Photo Galery of Peace Artisans)

On Saturday 8th April, “Disarmament day”, the Peace Artisans handed the whereabouts of 8 weapons dumps that contained ETA’s full armory.

Basque environmentalist Txetx Etcheverry on behalf of the Peace Artisans handed the list of 8 weapons dumps to Ram Manikkalingam, member of the International Verification Commission, IVC; Archbishop of Bolonia Matteo María Zuppi and Reverend Harold Good witnessed the exchange.

The IVC handed the data to relevant French authorities. Meanwhile 174 peace artisans watched over the 8 weapons dumps until the arrival of French authorities.

The IVC considers ETA’s disarmament fulfilled and verified, the caches contained 120 firearms, three tonnes of explosives and several thousand rounds of ammunition.

The 8 caches and weapons deposited in each of them: