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Transformative economies gather in Barcelona

Another world already exists 2019-2020

segunda-feira 25 de março de 2019, por Chris Williams,

Preparations are completed as delegates make their final travel plans. Destination - Barcelona.

Registrations are in, and volunteer facilitators are being trained for the inaugural meeting of WSFTE, next month in Barcelona, Catalonia. This 3-day meeting sets the scene for next year’s full-blown World Social Forum that expects to draw 10,000 participants. Barcelona becomes the global hub for four key themes over the next year: Feminist Economies, The Agroecological and Food Sovereignty Movement, Commons, and The Social and Solidarity Economy. There also an interplay with the municipalism movement.

These fresh themes promise a revival of WSF gatherings, drawing new people and new ideas towards current, pressing challenges. Barcelona’s history as a vibrant hub of democracy promises an innovative methodology that draws full participation of the 500 delegates expected to attend next month’s meeting.

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