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Egypt hospital forcibly removes AIDS patient

sexta-feira 16 de agosto de 2019, por MEMO - Monitor do Oriente Médio, MEMO - Monitor do Oriente Médio

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An Egyptian man has been forcibly removed from a hospital in Egypt after staff found out that he had AIDS (photo)

On Wednesday the patient at the hospital in Kafr Al-Zayat in Egypt’s Gharbia governorate was carried out by his arms and legs by a man and a woman wearing gloves, as captured in photos which were posted on social media.

See the post in Twitter

See the post in Twitter

A number of patients in Egypt have reported being turned away by hospitals and dentists after telling them they have AIDS.

Egyptians with AIDS are heavily discriminated against in Egypt and fear losing their jobs, their homes and being disowned by their families.

This simply exacerbates the problem as people fearing discrimination do not reveal their status, get tested or seek treatment.

In 2017 a mother with AIDS committed suicide by jumping from the fifth floor of her house in Cairo after neighbours who found out she had been diagnosed asked her to leave.

The United Nations has said that HIV is growing 40 per cent annually with more than 11,000 cases of HIV in Egypt by the end of 2016. Egypt’s Health Ministry puts this figure closer to 7,000.

Though the government has pledged to eradicate AIDS by 2030, Unicef says that there are gaps in prevention, care and support.

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