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We will not allow the militia to destroy this country!

domingo 10 de novembro de 2019, por , Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

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Lula’s words on being received by militants and popular in São Bernardo do Campo, one day after his release

We will not allow the militia to destroy this country! The left will return to power in 2022!

Trump should solve the US problem and not piss off the Latin Americans! He was not elected to be sheriff of the world! They celebrated the fall of the [Berlin] Wall, but they are building a wall against the poor! "

"The interest rate is falling. But the rate that is falling is Selic. I want to know if your credit card interest has fallen. What about overdraft? And Casas Bahia? Because it is this interest that touches your pocket." of the worker! "

"It’s no use being scared! It’s no use being worried about the threats they make on television - with militiamen, AI-5. This country is 210 million inhabitants! And we can’t allow militiamen to end this country that we built"

"Bolsonaro never made a speech that was helpful. He could only offend women, blacks, LGBT people, the most fragile people in society. I want to know why this citizen, who retired at a very young age, wanted to take the worker’s retirement!"

"Bolsonaro was elected to rule for the Brazilian people, not for the RJ militiamen. He cannot investigate what they did to kill Marielle. It is not his son’s recording that is worth it! There has to be serious skill for the people know who killed Marielle! "

"My dream is not to solve my problems. I have no job, I have no retirement, my life is all blocked. I’m just sure that I have more courage to regain the pride of being Brazilian"

For 580 days I prepared spiritually not to hate, to thirst for revenge, to hate my tormentors. It’s because? Because I wanted to prove that, even if arrested by them, I slept with my conscience much calmer than their conscience.

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