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Internet and power cuts derail publicity for the WSF

quarta-feira 24 de janeiro de 2007, por Brenda Zulu ,

Saidou Djbril- Nigel

I work for a News agency and my work has been affected very much since I must send stories every day but I have not been able to send my reports. Yesterday I sent stories as a letter and when we had the so called Internet here at the media center, it was slow and I have not been able to send my pictures.

Anna Morin-Sweden

I work for a Website and I really need internet for my work. My pictures have not been sent yet though I managed to send some text from the hotel.

Christelle Terreblanchi- South Africa

I have not filed any story yet and I think they will fire me. I could not even file from the hotel because we experienced power cuts. Camille Bauer- France I work for a French Daily Newspaper and internet is really essential for Journalists if they are to cover such a big event. Last time I sent stories, I sent them from a hotel.

Julien Babin- Canada

Internet is absolutely essential to my work. I sent a few stories before we lost connectivity. Fortunately, I don’t work for a Daily Newspaper. It is frustrating and kind of a waste of resources because I can imagine the organisers of the World Social Forum (WSF) have spent a lot of money on setting up the media center filled with a lot of computers.

Jacob Otieno - Kenya

It is sad that people spent a lot of money on being registered for press accreditation so that they could even use the facilities. Nothing seems to be working well in the Media Center.