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On the Road to the United States Social Forum in Detroit...

segunda-feira 22 de março de 2010, por PPEHRC,

Homelessness, poverty, unemployment, and debt are all reaching record heights. Over 45 million Americans have no health care. Meanwhile, banks and corporations are earning record profits with the help of big bailouts. Our government spends billions on illegal and immoral wars abroad while cutting essential services at home.

The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) is running a national Zero Evictions and Foreclosures campaign to secure affordable housing for everyone. PPEHRC is the country’s largest antipoverty group that is led directly by the poor. We are a coalition of over 125 grassroots poor people’s groups working to build a multiracial movement to end poverty. Please join us and support the movement!

On April 4th, the anniversary of Dr. King’s assasination, PPEHRC’s and the National Welfare Rights Union and other allies will launh a three and a half month caravan/ march from New Orleans to the United States Social Forum in Detroit.

See the website below for more information or, to join the New Orleans-Detroit March to Fulfill the Dream, email:



Monday, March 22, 12 noon

Philadelphia Federal Office Building

Ver online : PPEHRC