New Report on Civilian Victims of Turkish Attacks in Iraqi Kurdistan

More than 55 civilian farmers and livestock owners were killed or wounded by Turkish forces while farming or tending their livestock.

por Ciranda - Document - 26/08/2022


International solidarity with Glenn Greenwald

por Emmanuel Colombié - 01/08/2019

International call for press freedom in Brazil amidst attacks against The Intercept journalists

Israel tries to deport stateless Palestinian journalist, Jordan refuses him entry

por MEMO - Middle East Monitor - 23/07/2019

For some 20 years, Haruf had a residency permit for Jerusalem that was renewed periodically. Israel has rejected Haruf’s application for family unification petition with his wife and their two-year-old daughter

Egypt: 15-year-old girl detained for stabbing her rapist

por MEMO - Middle East Monitor - 22/07/2019

Social media users are calling for her release under the Arabic hashtag “the Ayat girl”

Egyptian parliament approves more NGO restrictions

por MEMO - Middle East Monitor - 18/07/2019

The Egyptian parliament approved amendments to the controversial NGO law on Monday which place extra restrictions on the work of civil society groups

The Decolonization of Western Sahara: A Saharawi vision of the solution

por Malainin Lakhal - 01/04/2019

A “just” solution can never be achieved if the proposals put to the table are in violation of international law.

Transformative economies gather in Barcelona

por Chris Williams - 25/03/2019

Preparations are completed as delegates make their final travel plans. Destination - Barcelona.

Sing for the climate

por - 15/03/2019

More than 80.000 people in more than 180 Belgian cities and communities sang the song "Do it Now

Poison and death on Brumadinho

por - 29/01/2019

The dam that broke in Brumadinho was of "ascending ascending" (that uses the own rejections in its construction, as it was the dam of Mariana) and it was not safe. There are 130 dams like this in the country

Academics sign a motion for Venezuela

por - 28/01/2019

Stop the escalation of the political conflict in Venezuela. Against imperial intervention.
For a democratic solution, from and for the Venezuelan people

Israel pledges to worsen Palestinian prisoner conditions

por - 11/01/2019

According to statistics of prisoner support NGO Addameer, the number of Palestinian prisoners behind bars has reached 5,500, including 230 children and 54 women

Israel pressured to allow vaccines into occupied Palestine

por - 25/12/2018

Two weeks ago, Israeli authorities issued a decree to prevent The Palestinian Ministry of Health from importing children vaccines.

Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People and BDS success in 2018

por Omar Barghouti, - 29/11/2018

Airbnb, , Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Lionel Messi and indian women ... Supporters of the boycott worked to expose Israel’s crimes and apartheid policies and to build pressure to end them.

Stop Eco-Apartheid: The Left’s Challenge in Bolsonaro’s Brazil

por - 18/11/2018

The horrors threatened by Brazil’s new president are compounded by a potential war on the Amazon. It is up to the left to build a coalition capable of overcoming it.

WSF: International leaders raise voices in Brazil

por - 27/10/2018

Manifesto against fascism in Brazil, initiated by the International Committee for Democracy, is signed by organizations of the WSF Council, alongside world leaderships. Check the document.

Khashoggi killed, torn to pieces by ‘butcher’ in pre-prepared room

por - 21/10/2018

Consulate officers are seen at the entrance of Saudi consulate as the waiting continues on the disappearance of Prominent Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul, Turkey on 11 October 2018 [Muhammed Enes Yıldırım/Anadolu Agency]

Israel bans teen activist Ahed Tamimi from travelling

por - 11/09/2018

The 17-year old activist was released from Israeli prison in July, after serving an eight-month sentence for slapping two Israeli soldiers.

WATCH: Ahed and Nariman Tamimi released after 8 months of imprisonment

por - 01/09/2018

According to Defence for Children International, between 500-700 Palestinian children are arrested each year. Some minors are held in detention until they are old enough to be arrested.

UN demands respect for Lula’s candidacy

por - 17/08/2018

The International Human Rights Committee has determined that Lula has the right to be candidate even as prisioner, with free access to the media and the right to a fair trial

Press freedom threatened as Israel detains sixth Palestinian journalist in one week

por - 08/08/2018

Myriam Purtscher, Palestine Monitor - Palestinian journalist Ibrahim Rantisi was detained on August 6 by Israeli forces, bringing the total of Palestinian journalists detained by Israel in one week to six.

Massive Protests in Southern Iraq

por - 25/07/2018

Demonstrations grow against environmental Threats, Lack of Water, Poor Job Opportunities and Declining Social Benefits

Hindu Dalit Women in Pakistan Are Contesting Elections To Fight Back

por - 24/07/2018

Dalit Hindu women in Pakistan are contesting the 2018 general elections to demand equality and justice for their community.

Union End Times: The Supreme Court’s Fatal Attack on Public-Sector Workers

por - 17/07/2018

The courts have always been an instrument of plutocratic power. But the war against American workers has intensified in Trump’s America.

A long march of the dispossessed to Delhi

por - 13/07/2018

India’s agrarian crisis has gone beyond the agrarian.

Know the Atlas of Utopias

por - 12/07/2018

The 2018 transformative cities featured iniciatives

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