New Report on Civilian Victims of Turkish Attacks in Iraqi Kurdistan

More than 55 civilian farmers and livestock owners were killed or wounded by Turkish forces while farming or tending their livestock.

por Ciranda - Document - 26/08/2022


Leonardo Boff, prevented from visiting Lula, awaits at night outside of the Federal Police door

por - 19/04/2018

Along with him, Adolfo Perez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize, was prevented from entering equally.

‘The Palestinian prisoners are our legitimate representatives’

por Ahmad Jaradat - 19/04/2018

Palestinians march in solidarity with political prisoners for Palestinian Prisoners Day

Drugged, Raped, Bashed to Death: Chargesheet Reveals Kathua Horror

por - 17/04/2018

The abduction, rape and killing of the Bakherwal girl was part of a carefully planned strategy to remove the minority nomadic community from the area

Indigenous Autonomy: New decree recognises autonomy of indigenous communities across Colombian Amazon

por Martin von Hildebrand - 17/04/2018

In the most important step for Amazon indigenous rights in 30 years, through a new decree, Colombia has recognised the autonomy of indigenous communities across the Amazon.

Why is Israel so Threatened by Unarmed Gaza Protesters? (Part 1/2)

por - 17/04/2018

Despite the mounting Palestinian death toll, mass protests continue in the Gaza Strip. Why is Israel using lethal force on unarmed protesters? TRNN’s Shir Hever explains why nonviolent protest is infuriating the Israeli government

Environmental Justice Debate

por - 12/04/2018

Systemic Change and Environmental Justice in India, the United States, and Beyond

March: Human rights violations in Hebron

por Ahmad Jaradat - 12/04/2018

Israeli occupation forces and settlers continue to commit human rights violations against Palestinians in the West Bank district of Hebron.

Call for international solidarity with the Brazilian people

por Ciranda - Document - 06/04/2018

Faced with the threat of Lula’s imprisonment and the willingness of social movements to resistance, WSF facilitating organizations call for mobilization

An unusually bloody Land Day in Palestine

por Ahmad Jaradat - 01/04/2018

Israeli forces killed 15 Palestinians and injured hundreds more during protests for the Right of Return

Western Sahara Calls for Independence in Historic Symbolic Referendum

por Matt Meyer - 12/03/2018

Early mornings in the desert are usually dry, dusty and warm — in the summer, sometimes excruciatingly hot. There was a bit of a wind on the morning of Feb. 26, one that carried a certain sense of foreboding: a nasty sirocco, or sandstorm, was apparently on its way. Still, there was also an anxious anticipation, as an historic resistance action was about to take place.

Poor People’s Campaign of USA goes to OAS for Puerto Rico

por - 02/10/2017

They want ensure that the families, friends, and loved ones receive from the U.S. government the resources and justice after devastation caused by Hurricane Maria

Open Letter convenes World Social Forum 2018 in Salvador

por - 22/08/2017

The WSF in Salvador will be an opportunity to meet the various experiences of resistance and proposals to face authoritarian thinking in Brazil and in the World.

Marco Aurelio Garcia, the architect of South-South relations, dies in Brazil

por - 20/07/2017

He was an important leader in the construction and execution of Brazilian foreign policy during the government of forming President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

The complicity of France with Morocco against Western Sahara

por - 26/04/2017

Extract of the my interview of Malainin Lahkal to Africa Speaks For Africa.

U.S: Trump & Friends’ War on African American Women

por - 18/04/2017

A pattern is emerging in the administration’s scandal-defense playbook: Go after black women. by Adele M. Stan

US intensifies military training operations across Africa

por - 13/04/2017

Washington is determined to halt China’s economic influence in Africa, and is utilizing its massive military power to counter Beijing.

After Panama Papers success, ICIJ goes independent

por - 12/04/2017

We believe this new structure will allow us to extend our global reach and impact even farther and build on the lessons we’ve learned and the successes we’ve enjoyed. (ICIJ)

Brazil’s nuclear power program undone by corruption

por - 11/04/2017

The future of Brazil’s partially-built Angra-3 reactor is uncertain in the wake of a wide-ranging corruption scandal that has engulfed the country. Angra-3 was conceived in controversy in 1975 and it may die in controversy.

US attack on Syria shows Trump lacks coherent foreign policy, experts say

por - 10/04/2017

The US missile strikes against a Syrian airfield this week mark a stark shift in American strategy towards Damascus (PressTV)

20.000 support ETA’s disarmament

por - 09/04/2017

Saturday 8th April, Disarmament day, ended with a massive meeting in Baiona

Walking the privacy tightrope across the Atlantic

por - 08/04/2017

Tha last UN’s resolution on privacy and some examples show how that organization remains a key voice in the right to privacy debate, and it will continue to be so.

Freedom and democracy in danger

por Richard Stallman - 07/04/2017

If you feel your organization needs a "presence" in Facebook

Noam Chomsky about Trump

por - 31/03/2017

"If he Falters with Supporters, Don’t Put ’Aside the Possibility’ of a ’Staged or Alleged Terrorist Attack’

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