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Sept 28th: action day of international visibility of Palestine struggles

quarta-feira 26 de setembro de 2012, por ,

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Registration for # WSFPALESTINE open on october 1st.

Registration for # WSFPALESTINE open!

On September 28, we’ll be at exactly two months from the World Social
Forum Free Palestine (FSMPL), an global encounter to show the
solidarity of the people with the Palestinian people in struggle
against the occupation of their land, the right of return for which
they were expelled as part of the founding of the State of Israel, and
for self-determination to choose their future.

The #wsfpalestine will be held in Porto Alegre from 28 November to 1
December 2012, but as well – as an expanded event - wherever possible.
To broaden its impact, two press conferences are scheduled, one in
Palestine and one in Brazil, Porto Alegre, untiel 28 Sept. to
publicize the opening of the registration process.

On Sept 28th, there are organizing a large action of international
visibility to publicize the opening of registrations for activists,
organizations, and media delegations. The focus will be on free media,
social movements and people sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.
Join in and help us to get the word out!


On September 28, enter your social network, write to their mailing
lists, post on your blog, on the website of his organization, etc. If
you are a journalist or a community communicator advertise in your
written or audiovisual media, discuss the WSF FP in your radio. Let
indicate the site www.wsfpalestine.net for information and
registration, report what is going on with Palestine, express your
feelings in words and pictures (choose the net or create) and invite
any and all to show solidarity with the Palestinian people: against
the wall, apartheid, occupation. For the right of Palestinians to
return to their land, self-determination and full citizenship.

28 AUG, 28 SET, 28 OUT, 28 NOV

We already met on August 28 in an international outcry for justice
against the crimes of the occupation, and followed in September in
memory of refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila, victims of a massacre
coordinated by the Zionist government of Israel between 16 and 18
September 1982.

Once again we will return online on September 28, October 28 and
November 28 - in the latter day, for the opening of world #


Choose your mode of registration: www.wsfpalestine.net

Promote distance activities: prensa@wsfpalestine.net

Contact GT communication: prensa@wsfpalestine.net

Palestinian Organizing Committee: samahd@pngo.net

Brazilian Organizing Committee: secretaria.fspl@gmail.com

International Committee: feroz@alternative-international.net

website: wsfpalestine.net

hashtag for social networks: # wsfpalestine